Tuesday Confessions: I’m a Bartering Queen!

IMG_8436Tuesday Confessions is back!! It’s been a few weeks but no worries it’s back and I’ve been dreaming of writing todays post for months now. Seriously! I remember standing in my kitchen in Central Asia taking pictures of my super successful purchases and just ooing and awing over the day I’d get to post them! Well friends, today is the day! With it being Central Asia week on the blog I figured what better time to show you! Before I show you my super awesome purchases, I need to tell you of how I have become this self proclaimed “Barter Queen.”

I’ve been to my fair share of markets, bazars, and “world markets” if you will. And from them I’ve learned that I know how to talk the talk and get what I want for a decent price. I have been to these types of markets in two very competitive and intense areas. I’ve literally had people grab my hands and pull me into their shops begging me to buy something. Believe me, it’s crazy! But outside of that I’m also able to spot a deal when I see one. I love taking my friends to these types of places and helping them to get what they want. Funny story, I was in a bazar in Central Asia, and three of the guys on my team really wanted a toaster and what do ya know, this savvy girl found one! And I was even able to get it down in price by about $10. However there was a tad bit of an issue so we had to return the toaster and then we literally went next door and got the exact same toaster for $10 cheaper than what we actually paid. It was awesome, weird, and super hilarious! So yes, I’ve bought things such as toasters, jewelry, scarves, dresses, tapestries, and even pipes! I love bartering.

The key to a successful barter is the poker face. You have to make the person who you’re buying from believe that it’s better for them to give you whatever item it is you’re trying to get them to sell you at the price you’re asking for. If they wont do it then you literally just have to say no and walk away. They then realize that any amount of money is better than nothing. Usually they will stop you, ask you to come back and from there they’ll usually go for half of what you’re asking for and you can negotiate from there. For me, I let them give me a price, and I just cut that in half and go from there. It’s definitely served me well. Any purchase I’ve ever made through bartering has always been a good one and I hope you agree.

Now it’s time to check out my favorite pieces that I’ve bartered for! They’re all so wonderful and I’m so sentimental with things so jsut thinking about ever losing or damaging one of these pieces make me wanna throw up. So it’s safe to say I don’t let many people touch these pieces or mess with them, because of my deep love for them. So I hope you enjoy them! Check in tomorrow to read a super personal letter that I’ve needed to share for a while!IMG_8449IMG_8452I wish i could say all those piallahs were mine! And check out those earrings! I got them for my grandma, and she loves them. i struggled to give them to her because though pink is no my color, I loved them so much.IMG_8456 IMG_8446This next shot, though it’s not of people is definitely one of my money shots this year! The exposure, the DOF, and everything was just right. So thankful for this crazy spot in my flat that elt in the perfect amount of light for these pictures!IMG_8445 IMG_8444That jar above has been a huge hit all around! Definitely one of my favorite purchases. Now my best gift I bought it this pipe! I got it for my sweet bestfriend! Her birthday was jsut a few days after I got back from Central Asia, and man did she love this thing. I’m so glad I know her well enough to know that she would’ve rather had a pipe than a scarf or anything really! Haha!IMG_8434 IMG_8429Matrushka dolls hold a special place in my heart, man! Come back tomorrow to find out why!
IMG_8442So yea, I’m a little crazy about my things, but boy, do I love them!


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