Brothers and Sisters

Last night I got my first real taste of my new family here on Summer Project. I got to see us all band together, and pray out the enemy as he fights against us. It’s a war that we will fight till the day we die, but it’s one that is so worth it. I already love my new family here, but last night totally showed me the greatest reason why.

After an incredible day of sharing, and going out doing the work of the Lord we all as a family decided to hangout and play games and just be together. There are four apartments in our house, Guys have the top two. girls with the bottom two. Well last night we were all in one of the girls apartments playing cards and just hanging out, it was really amazing. In this time one of the girls who were in the other apartment come over and tell us how someone just walked into our apartment. We immediately all run outside, and go into the next-door apartment. In this time we go around to make sure everyone was ok, and then to see that all were ok. After doing a quick search we were able to see that all were ok, and it was just a startling misconception. From what we think, we believe since it’s the month of Senior weeks, or Beach weeks, we believe it was some graduates that just thought we were having a party because of all of the people. Once they realized that’s not what it was they quickly left.

After this occurred we quickly rallied around each other and prayed. We prayed for settled hearts, and openness to embrace what God wants us to do this summer. We know that with this comes many obstacles that we as a group will have to fight together, all for the name of Christ. This includes possible break-ins and persecutions. But with this family I know I am ready for everybit of it!


We’re the Family Team!

Yesterday on project we chose our ministry teams. It was quite interesting to see where everyone chose to go, or rather where God chose to put them. The choices for the teams were a choice of Operations, Outreach, International Outreach, Community, Prayer, and Family Night. Many who know me know that I would most likely run to evangelism, but God had way different plans! In my time of thinking about which team to join so many went through my mind. It was definitely no easy decision. Mainly I was torn between three specific teams, Outreach, Prayer, and International Outreach. I am currently serving on a job that is predominately international outreach, so I kind of knocked that off my list, and purely focused on Outreach and prayer. Now of course the procrastinator that I am, I really didn’t take the necessary time needed to really pray about these teams so when it came time to choose I left it up to God to work through all the details, just like other things that have happened on this project.

When it came time and my project leader told us to choose I found my self walking in the opposite direction of both prayer, and outreach, and right over to family night. The family night team will basically be the CRU team. We will organize and set up CRU every week by choosing the songs for worship, games, and other activities that would take place during a campus CRU. I am honestly so excited for this. This is so not something I would choose to do on my own campus, let alone with people who I don’t know very well yet. I’m so excited to work with this amazing team and bring the OCMDSP students a great “Family Night” every week!

This team is comprised of some amazing talents, and great power. We are all very into just serving God in anyway that he chooses, and being obedient to what he wants for us. It’s never an easy thing, but so rewarding in the end. I am loving Summer Project thus far, and I absolutely can not wait to see what God does this summer with all of us!

“And unto you, be ALL the glory!” -Jesus Culture