Wednesday Wrap-up

You know I had to get creative with my tardiness! Hey friends, and happy Wednesday! The last week of my life has been insane!!! This past weekend was amazing and so needed, that I didn’t do any work that I needed to do before the weekend started but that’s ok, but it did leave me having to write an entire 12-page paper on Sunday evening. Yea, that was fun. Ha! But seriously friends this weekend was so wonderful, and I have no previews or anything for you but that will all come next week.

So I keep talking about “this past weekend” but you have no idea what I did. This past weekend was the company’s annual fall retreat! This weekend is always amazing, and life changing for many. I have looked forward to this weekend for a whole year now since the last time I went, ha! But seriously this weekend is always the best! But for me it was also very bittersweet. Being a senior it was my last time loading up my car and driving to Camp Powhatan (cue tears). But no worries, you guys will hear all the details of that next week, so get ready for that. But now for the quirks…

-I have a confession, I have a terrible mouth, and I’m super sassy, and very sarcastic. It’s actually a problem I will find myself shouting profanities for no reason. Recently my phrase of choice has been, “(insert name, item, or thing here) is a piece of sh!t.” Yep, it happens. I should probably get better control of my tongue, but yea, who knows. Ha!

-I’m in deep need of a day off. I’m mean seriously! A day off from everything, friends, my phone, camera, blog, EVERYTHING! I want to make this happen but, we’ll see.

-I’ve recently been doing a lot in the means of knocking out my bucketlist and I’m loving it. I only have 21 left now! One of which is to go to a High School Football Game, so that needs to happen soon since the season only has about one month left!

-I’ve officially started season 9 of One Tree Hill. What the heck!? That season premier is so confusing and all over the place. But still so good. Brooke Baker and Haley James Scott are two women after my own heart! Seriously they’re wonderful and I want to be just like them when I grown up.

-Camping brings out a side of me that I love. Laid back and chill without a care in the world is a place I love to be!

So that’s it for this week friends. Check out the blog tomorrow to see my thoughts on where we find our significance!


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