Golden Hour: Maddie and Nathan

IMG_8025Hey Friends!!! Eeeeeeekkkkkkk, I’m so excited to bring you some awesome blog veterans tonight on this rainy Sunday evening, but these two will surely brighten your day. This weekend I got the beautiful opportunity to photograph two of my closest and most beautiful friends. Maddie and Nathan have been on the blog multiple times now, and why the heck wouldn’t they be, they’re freaking gorgeous! These two have hearts of gold, and they love each other like crazy. I love getting to be around them and laugh, cry, and occasionally pee my pants with them. Yea we have that kind of relationship, but back to the story at hand.

So I’ve been hackling Maddie and Nathan for quite sometime now so we could do some photographs, however I had one condition, IT HAD TO BE SUNRISE. Maddie is such a night owl and thoroughly enjoys her sleep so this was a huge request of me. However they love me so they lovingly sacrificed some Z’s and got up in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday in the cold, and to top it off it was cloudy. But these two, they lit up the day and made the brightness of their hearts radiate through some lovely images that I’m so stoked to share with you today.

So here we are, two hours, three outfit changes, and one awesome shoot later. Maddie and Nathan thank you for constantly allowing me to come alive when I photograph your beautiful selves. You two are amazing and I’m so thankful that I get to call you friends, and partners in crime. Thanks for running around with me, and changing in cars to capture these images. I can’t wait for the spring when we head out and do it again. I love y’all with my whole heart, now please enjoy some of my favorites!

First we started with the beautiful Christmas lights that are already up in Radford!IMG_7186 IMG_7211 IMG_7199

Freaking Models!!! I can’t even begin to express my love for this one below!IMG_7296 IMG_7311 IMG_7344

I absolutely LOVE Maddie’s jewlery. Each one holds significance in her life, so naturally I have to capture them!IMG_7524 IMG_7456 IMG_7387From here we changed into some fancier attire and headed to Wildwood Park in Radford. I love this place so much great place for photos, even on a cold and cloudy morning.

IMG_7676 IMG_7552 IMG_7733 IMG_7687These two, gahhhhh they’re beautiful!

IMG_7794 IMG_7798Now these last few are where I talked about making them change in a car. These last few were taken on the side of the road before the I-81 exit in Radford. Yep I made them change in a small four door Sedan. Nathan is over 6ft tall and he had to change clothes in the driver seat, hats off to that kid!

IMG_7996 IMG_7973 IMG_8000That middle one in the b&w might be one of my favorites of the whole day. I have been dreaming of taking photos at this sign, so when Maddie said she wanted to go there I giggled like a little girl on Christmas I was so happy!

IMG_8048 IMG_8034 IMG_8041Yeaaaaaa… wasn’t joking when I said I made them stand in the middle of the road!

IMG_8045I’m thankful for the little beautiful town of Radford everyday, and these two are totally contributing factors! 

Maddie and Nathan, y’all are beautiful, thank you for allowing me to capture just an ounce of your love with these photos. Here’s to many more 🙂 Love you!


Chasing the Light: Sinkland Farms


Hello awesome friends, Oh how I’ve missed you since our last blog post. It’s been an interesting last few weeks in my life, but I’m so excited to share one of my most recent adventures with some beautiful people with souls that are far more ravishing then any outside beauty that they could possibly display. A few weeks ago… yea, I’m that far behind in life, but whatever, so a few weeks ago I went to a pumpkin patch with some really awesome friends. It was a rainy and cloudy day, but that didn’t stop our fun that was going to be had. So we pilled into three cars and headed out to the back roads of the New River Valley and went to Sinkland Farms. Sinkland is a well know farm in this area because it’s simply awesome! Seriously it has these rolling hills that look like they just never end. And on this beautiful cloudy day the bright orange, and GRAY, yes GRAY pumpkins just lit up this beautiful area with color.

Now I was fortunate enough to spend this day with some really awesome people, and we got to run around and be kids again. I love these people with my whole heart, and I hope to be able to show you some more of them later with their own personal blog post! EEK! Yea I have really amazing friends, and to top it off they’re super beautiful so without further delay let me introduce you to Sinkland Farms!

First Meet The Boys! They’re absurd, and super crazy but I just adore them. They make life super fun and humorous, and I’m really thankful that they were cool with posing and of course doing their own thing! These boys are such hams, and I love them.

You’ve met this lovely stud before. This is Adam, he is seriously one of the funniest kids I’ve ever met. He’s a freshman this year and has a heart that is so radical and ready for whatever may come his way. I love getting to walk with him in this time of our lives. He’s super sweet, and such a cutie! And from this picture can’t you tell that he’s just awesome!


This is Aaron, this kid is the top notch ham of the bunch. He cracks me up with literally every word he says. He’s also a freshman this year and I thoroughly enjoy getting to hangout with him and get to know more about him. IMG_6606
This is Neal! This is also not the first time you’ve seen him on here. Neal is a riot! I love his quick and witty humor. It seriously warms my soul when I’m around him. His Heart is amazing and he loves others so well. It’s beautiful getting to live life and enjoy my college years with him. He’s just awesome and he lets me torture him with large vines like you can see below.

This little piece of precious is Josh, and I adore him. This boy is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met in my life, and getting to be his friend and sister for the last year has been amazing. I’ve seen this kid grow in ways that totally show the redemption of grace in a real and tangible way. It’s so beautiful!


This last tall piece of awesomeness is Luke! This guy is so legit, and I love getting to call him friend. Luke is another noob in my life, and I’m so thankful that fate ended up calling the two of us to Radford because seriously he’s awesome, and because of his wise choosing I’ve also gotten to meet another awesome person who you’ll meet a little further down in the blog! Seriously though, this guys awesome!


Yea so the boys are awesome but the ladies are gorgeous! Seriously I spent this day with some amazing women who I am blessed to call my friends. Seriously I hit the friend lottery down here in Radford!

This is Sheridan, or as I like to think, the most beautiful, wonderful, and fabulous girl in the world! This beautiful blessing has kind of crept her way into my life this past semester. Unfortunately Sheridan doesn’t go to Radford so I don’t get to just sit and talk with her for hours in Starbucks, but when she comes up to visit her awesome boyfriend Luke 🙂 we get to hang out! I’m convinced that now she just comes up here to see my friend Carlie and I, and Luke is just a bonus in her trip. Just kidding 😉 But REALLY!! I barely know this girl, and at the same time I feel like our souls have been connected since the beginning of time. It’s such a joy getting to see her when she comes up to visit and hopefully she will be making some semi permanent arrangements up here very soon! Her heart is beautiful and her soul is to die for, I just adore this girl and I can’t wait to hopefully show you some more of her in the future. She’s so wonderful in front of the camera that I’m just praying that I can do a fun shoot with her and Luke 🙂 Pretty Pleaseeeee!



You all totally know this beautiful girl, so no need to go into too much detail, but seriously wouldn’t this picture make the best Christmas card ever!? Maybe! I love her 🙂

Now here’s some more photos to just show you our awesome and fun time together. If you’re ever in the New River Valley during the Fall you MUST go to Sinkland!

IMG_6634 IMG_6564 IMG_6582 IMG_6571

Seriously these two are too much! Love them!IMG_6631

Now these two are just fools but are some very funny fools!IMG_6511 IMG_6535

This is Sheridan’s Beth! Her beauty is so simple and I seriously could’ve photographed her ALL DAY! She’s gorgeous!IMG_6491 IMG_6474

IMG_6658 IMG_6634 IMG_6757 IMG_6699 IMG_6615 IMG_6504 IMG_6464So friends I hope you enjoyed another peak into my pretty crazy life, and I hope one day if you’re ever near the New River Valley and have some time to kill that you’ll take the time and go to Sinkland Farms and enjoy it’s beauty!

one year

For those of you that follow this blog closely you would know that one year ago today I began a fast that would take me on an adventure that I didn’t know if I’d be ready to embark on or not, but I followed faithfully to my Father’s commands and I completed a year of singleness. A year ago I was left lonely, broken, and so tarnished that I didn’t know how to move on. I had this guy in my life who I thought was amazing, and perfect; but it was only once I saw his true colors that I saw the ugly truth about me as a sinner. I was placing all of my trust in him, along with all of my worth. I saw him as my everything and to top it all off it was hidden. I didn’t tell anyone, not even my best friend about this guy. I just kept him all to myself and lived in this lie to a ton of people, and didn’t include my community in on any of this. Eventually I realized that I couldn’t do this anymore, and I ended up being broken up with. My heart was being tug in a million different directions and I wasn’t sure where my Father was calling me in that moment.

In the heat of all of this I kind of ran away, all the way to Northern Virginia and was the Maid of Honor in a wedding. While I was at this wedding I saw the beauty of love, and how waiting for the right person to come around was crucial if you want to have a successful love life. At that point in my life I was simply falling for any person that came around. I was offering every piece of who I was to anyone that would take me, and that is so unhealthy it’s not even funny. So it was upon returning to Radford that I decided it was time to fully surrender the relationships in my life to my father, and specifically the male relationships in my life. I wasn’t honoring Him with my self if I didn’t. I was in no way an avid dater ever, nor have I had a million boyfriends, but I have had a lot of “flings”, and I’ve “talked” to a lot of guys. However through all of this I never had that official, holding hands in public, someone that was proud to call me “his” thing. It left me broken and searching for more, more than just a relationship, more than anything I’ve ever experienced before.

So on October 29th, 2012 I decided to give up dating, flirting, talking, and anything of that nature. I knew I needed to find the beauty in singleness, and the freedom it gives me, and how my Father can use it, before I could devote myself to a relationship. I needed to feel renewal and restoration in my heart before I could ever give a single piece of who I am to another person. This year has not been easy, it has sucked at times. I totally screwed up on my boundaries at times, but in those moments I felt the grace of my Father, and how He comforted and restored my heart to Him. I saw Him moving and bringing different men into my life that allowed me to see “what could be”, and how being obedient pays off in so many ways.  I saw the beauty in my singleness and how it impacted other women around me, and how I saw that I needed to take this year to fall more in love with my beautiful Saviour, and see that He created me with a purpose and a reason. That purpose was not so I could give myself away to everyone that came around the corner, nor was the reason so that I would be left feeling broken and tarnished. He created me to love others, and feel loved at the same time.

In the last year of my life I have seen real love that is given by my Father.
I have found the greatest best friend I could EVER ask for in my entire life,


I saw a nation that I was called to and was born for,


I became a part of a family that loves me,
I met some awesome guys that walked into my life who have completely redeemed how I see men and how they effect me,
IMG_6699 IMG_4362 IMG_5509MY HEAVENLY FATHER, AND BEAUTIFUL SAVIOUR DID THAT! I was simply obedient, and honored Him enough to sacrifice a year of my life, and dying to myself to honor His commands. Now like I said before, this year totally had it’s downsides, it was not all hearts and rainbows; it was hard! There were days that I would wake up and not have the energy to move, there were moments when I just cried out begging my Father to send someone, anyone just to be there and love me. In those moments I fully believe He provided, just in a different way then what I expected.

In the last year I have found a new and beautiful understanding of what it means to be loved, and what it means to be honored, and cherished. I long for that now, i don’t long to be somebody’s “side dish” I long to be the woman that I have been called to be. I have realized that I am highly loved, blessed, and honored by the creator of all things, so why would I not walk in a manner such as that. I see His graces daily and my heart is overwhelmed by all of them.

Dear readers please know that I’m not expecting to be in a relationship tomorrow, but if someone comes around tomorrow asking to pursue me I believe that I am in a place that I could say yes. I believe that I am ready to walk in this way, and allow someone to pursue me and potentially date me. I see the beauty in being in a relationship now, and I’m not afraid. It’s an awesome and beautiful new point of view!