No Makeup November

So call me crazy, but I’m embarking on a ton of fast lately. I am currently doing a year long fast from dating, and flirting, and I will be fasting social networking for a week beginning this coming Sunday, and as of today I joined a new fast called no makeup November. This fast is all about women finding their true beauty outside of physical attractiveness and in the one who created us. That is our heavenly Father. In this fast I’m going to take the time each day that I would typically spend putting my make up on and reading the Psalms and Proverbs. I know that this time in my life is going to be extremely rewarding time, in both my spiritual life, along with my everyday life.

This fast was started by Rave Ministries and it is based off of Song of Solomon 4:7, “You are altogether beautiful, my love. There is no flaw in you.” I had never read this verse before, nor had I really ever sat down and read Song of Solomon, but this past Friday I had a much needed time alone, and in that time i read this beautiful love letter. It was so eye opening to first read the love, and beauty that was taking place, and then also to see that the love that Solomon has for his bride can totally be put in the context of God loving us. We are the bride of Christ, and in that He truly believes that we are beautiful without flaw. It is such a beautiful truth, that I hope in this fast becomes completely implanted into my heart.

I don’t need the make up and little antics to make myself look beautiful. I am beautiful because God created me, and for that I am fearfully and wonderfully made. So over this next month my prayer is that I can show myself that daily, and that I can demonstrate that to the women around me. So here’s to the rest of this next month of pure awesomeness. And see yah later make up, I’ll see yah December first… Maybe 🙂