My Life Monday

Well yes, I did go an entire week without blogging… Did I probably loose a few followers? Maybe. Was it a time of much needed rest? ABSOLUTELY! Hello friends, despite my sass I am deeply sorry for my absence last week, but man was it needed. I remember sitting at my house in my bed last Monday night and all I could think was, “Shoooottttttt! I forgot to blog!” Whoops! And then I realized I had no idea what to blog about for Tuesday Confessions and it just continued on from there. But no worries I am back and in full swing. The last two weeks have filled my heart with so much needed encouragement and grace! I got the chance to borrow some equipment from the one and only Kaitlyn Phipps and man, it was life changing. I realized that in a lot of ways I still have a ton of stuff to learn but I’ve also learned a lot about photography and the beauty that it is. It lets me know that all the blog stalking, question asking, and random shooting I’ve done is paying off! How exciting is that? So with all that I had an amazing couples session and also one engagement session! Both were amazing and man we were so blessed to have the most incredible light ever! I can’t wait to share those with you this week, well at least one of them. I’ll probably make you wait for the other one till next week, ha!

But besides all that I got to spend a little bit of time with some of my family and it was fun. My nephew and his cute fat self will also be coming to the blog this week. That boy is stealing my heart with every breath he takes. To top it off he’s such a ham! Love him! I also escaped this past weekend to knock off another item on the bucketlist. My best friend and I ventured to the Mile 1 marker of Interstate 81 and it was so much fun! Can’t wait to share that with you next week. Overall I’ve done a lot and it will all be on the blog very soon!

So now for the quirks!

-No matter how much I plan, spontaneity always creeps in and enhances any trip I could ever make. This weekend as I ventured to Tennessee I had made all these plans for Carlie and I to do on our little adventure. Little did we know the town of Dandridge was exploding with life this past Saturday. There was a Scottish music festival happening, along with massive little book sales, and so much more. It definitely ended up being better than anything I expected!

-I have found the beauty of SnapChat stories. Carlie and I documented our entire trip via snap’s story option. It was a blast!

-You know I love my friends and want them to have the most perfect time with their photos when I’m willing to get knee deep in water so that I can capture the image to my best ability. I did this last weekend and had to completely remove my tights, and boots and hold my dress up while taking these pictures. It was crazy, but so good.

-I love it when my friends show me new music! Seriously!! My friends love this band State Champs, and recently they released a new acoustic album. You must give it a listen. Personal favorite is definitely Elevated!

-On the topic of music if I could just listen to my Ben Rector Pandora station all day I’d be very happy. The perfect mix off all my favorites, Ben Rector, NEEDTOBREATHE, Ron Pope, Ray Lamountagne, and so many more! It’s simply perfect!

-I am almost halfway through season 8 of One Tree Hill. For you fellow fans you know that means I only about 30 episodes left. All I can say is, let the tears begin!

-Crying is always a good thing! I mean SERIOUSLY! Always a good thing! If you need to just do it.

Well that’s it for now friends but here are some previews of what are to come this week on the blog! First is my sweet nephew, Brayden! He’ll be here tomorrow. So be on the lookout for his cute self.IMG_7364Next is the sweetness of Freddy and Emily, check out their amazing shoot on Wednesday!IMG_7290Lastly the original Brooke Carroll Photography couple, Maddie and Nathan!! Check out their awesome Maryland Engagement session on Wednesday!IMG_7754


My Life Monday

Hey guys, Speedy Gonzalez here, well not really, but with the way I’ve been running around just in the last three hours I’d say I’m pretty much a psycho! Goodness, it’s been a good life friends. I’ve found new music, decided to reread my favorite book, played with babies, and illegally explored the New River with two of my fabulous roommates on a late night adventure! It’s been so great just to chill with such wonderful people and experience life. This last week left me in awe of the beauty of grace and of having true community to help aid you in your desperate times of need. It’s been so wonderful to feel that kind of love, especially in this weird season of life.

But gosh, these next two weeks are gonna be so awesome and I’m real pumped about it. This coming weekend I’m headed to Pennsylvania to a conference for fellow World Travelers and difference Makers like myself to discuss how we can bring meaning to our passions and ultimately change the world because of it. Then, next weekend I’m doing a real, legit, and true Engagement session!!! Ahhhh Cross that sucker off the bucketlist! It’s going to be for two of my sweetest and most perfect friends. I already know there will be tears at this shoot, so i can’t even imagine what I’ll be like on the big day. Goodness gracious!

But enough of my ranting, here’s so shenanigans of my life…

-I GOT INTERNET AT MY HOUSE AND I’VE GOTTEN MY ONE TREE HILL FIX! Seriously this show is so good. I love Brooke Davis so much. I think I could honestly write a blog post about her, but at the same time I think everyone would think I was a psycho so I’ll just have to think about it before I jump on that. Side note, James Lucas Scott is the cutest child ever!

-On the topic of children, yesterday for about two hours I got to hangout with nine of the coolest toddlers in the world, and it brought me so much life. Seriously children are my element. I love getting to play with them and just hangout with them. Even when they’re screaming I’m able to remain completely calm and handle it. Yesterday I had two of these precious babes screaming in my arms, but I was so alive in the moment that it didn’t even effect me. So wonderful! Can I just be a babysitter when I graduate?

-Two weeks ago I bought a travel coffee mug and it causes me to drink so much more tea and coffee, it’s not even funny! But man it is sooooo delicious. I’ve been told that by the time I’m done with it coffee is no longer coffee it’s just creamer but I have no shame in my game!

-I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, I LOVE RIVERSIDE! Once again something I could write a whole blog post on. This house has so much character and holds so much love that I just want to have everyone move in with me! Sitting on our porch listening to music and talking about everything we think of brings me a lot of joy and is truly a dream come true. I’ve seriously dreamed of having a house like this and it’s something that even (fingers crossed) when I’m older and have a family of my own I get to have. I want my kid’s friends to come over and just have an open house all the time.

-Having a planner (& actually using it) has changed my life. I love writing everything out and then highlighting through it once it’s been completed. It really helps me to stay organized and also to feel like a real adult! Ha, but really.

-I’ve come to the complete realization that I have a pretty good grasp on what I’ll be doing post-grad, but ultimately I have no idea(I know that sounds weird but it’s so true). But through that I can also say that I feel so free in the not knowing. I’ve become a pretty go with the flow person in recent years. It’s just so much easier, having an outline is nice, and knowing what;s expected of me is a must, but all in all I love just going with the flow and seeing where the road takes me. It’s the best!

Welp, that’s it for now folks! I hope you guys have a happy Monday, but before I leave please enjoy this super awesome preview of what’s coming to the blog this week! IMG_9990

My Life Monday

Good’Aye friends! Goodness gracious the first week of school is always crazy, but this week has honestly been so great and so needed. I’ve met so many new people this last week and it’s only the beginning of the new faces. Being the extrovert I am, all this makes me crazy excited. Honestly just getting to walk around on campus is so refreshing! I love this tiny little middle of nowhere town of Radford. Being tucked away in the middle of the valley surrounded by the mountains it’s just such a beautiful place.

But seriously, can y’all believe it’s already September? Where is 2014 going!? It’s been such a crazy year so far, but man, it’s been a great one at the same time. But back to the present now and lets talk about this last week. Well I started my senior year of freaking college! What the actual heck!? This is so crazy to think that this is literally my last year of real school ever. I can honestly think back to my senior year of high school and remember exactly what I wore my first day. It’s so crazy! This year has already been a lot different than previous years though. Living in my fabulous house is awesome and having the freedom to lounge around, pack a lunch, and chill with four other fabulous women has been awesome. I only have two actual classes that I have to go to and then I have three independent studies. So my life is about to get real crazy when all that work finally comes on. However, I did things a tad bit backwards when I was a freshmen and sophomore. You see I took a lot of my harder classes first, with the exception of my independent studies, at the beginning so the two actual classes I have to go to are both 100 level classes but I’m definitely finding that it’s a little bit harder to do the “easy work” of 100 level classes after being in 300 and 400 level classes the last three years. Seriously one of my first assignments is a one page typed paper and I’m honestly dreading being limited to a page, ha! Nerd life. But enough of that onto some quirks of my life…

-I am truly a nerd at hard. Not necessarily in the book sense, but rather in the placement sense. I will not, and I mean WILL NOT sit beyond the second row in class. I would honestly prefer to not be past the first row but that’s not always possible. And I hate not having a desk. I have one class that there are a ton of seats, but only four of the seats have actual desk. The rest are these weird arm chair things and I can’t fade that. So I found myself running to class this week to make sure to get one of those seats. And I have no shame about it but I’ve totally been known to ask people to move so I can have my proper seat!

-I’m having One Tree Hill withdrawal! Seriously I find myself looking at little blonde boys walking around and I just imagining little Jamie Scott. I need to get internet at my house asap and finish that dang show!

-Some people might not know this about me but I was a competitive dancer in tab, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, and combo for 14 years. I love dancing I think it is the greatest thing ever. And this past week I got to go to two themed dance parties. It was seriously the best. The first one was a rave/highlighter themed party. It was in a friends garage and it was so great. The second one was a ‘merica themed party at some of my guy friends house. When I got there the party had been going for roughly 45 minutes and no one was dancing. As soon as I got up the steps to the house they told me I had to help get people on the dance floor. Within 20 minutes I had everyone out there. It was so great!

-Many of you already know of my love of crafting but what you don’t know is I also really love decorating. I don’t believe I could ever be an interior designer or anything because my style is so weird and doesn’t have any type of theme or agenda, but man I love it. I’ll get to share a little bit of that with y’all tomorrow on Tuesday Confessions!

-I really need my hair to grow faster because I really want to do something awesome and crazy with it this year. So does anyone have any ideas on how to do that!? Seriously give ’em up! Help a sista out!

-I am a naturally loud person. Seriously, I don’t know how to make it stop. But this week at the companies large group meeting I was given a megaphone and I was like a kid in a candy shop! I loved getting to just say random things into it as I escorted underclassmen down to the local cookie shop! It was so much fun.

-Kroger Light Salted Caramel Iced Coffee is the! It’s so delicious and has been so helpful this last week with late nights and early classes. Not to mention the fact that I get 10 cups of coffee out of it for $3! And so this past weekend I even bought a travel mug to carry it in! I love it. Big girl world is fitting me real well

-So along with loving to dance. I’ve decided that the song, “Bang Bang” by Jessie J is kind of my theme song. Not really at all I just love the music and dancing to it. So stinking good!

Well that’s it for today friends. Be sure to check back this week for my confessions on how I wish I could be an interior designer and my awesome Golden Hour shoot with Lindsey! Gosh, isn’t she beautiful?!


My Life Monday

Readers, this last week has been so awesome but I know that I won’t have weeks like this again for a long time because school is getting ready to start. It’s been a week of fun, reconnecting with friends, because students are finally coming back, and puppy sitting like a boss! This week I got to keep some friends pups for two and a half days and it was great. It was just fun cause they’re little dogs who were both cuddle addicts and since I can’t cuddle with a real person due to my singleness cuddling with the pups totally sufficed, haha! Totally joking, with a tad bit of sincerity! But besides that I finished the 6th Season of One Tree Hill, and I’m squealing at my next chance to watch that incredible show, and hopefully finish it very soon. I know I’m gonna cry when I finish it, there’s just no way around that.

Whewww, I’m so ready for school to start back up it’s not even funny! This summer has been quite a whirlwind and filled with adventures that I never thought would come my way, but they came, and my life was wrecked in the best way possible because of them. This coming week will be filled with a lot of starts in my life and I’m super excited about them. I will have some leadership training, along with training for my new super chic job at Chic Fil A, ha! See what I did there?! Then I get to begin what is known as “Blitz Week” with my awesome team here on campus with The Company. Blitz week is essentially where we all go crazy to get contacts and promote The Company on our campus. As long as I’ve been with The Company I’ve never gotten to really take part in this week and I must say I’m super pumped about it. Nervous, but still pumped.

Onto my life….

-Well I’ve begun the process of completing a goal on my Senior Year Bucket List (the full thing will be hitting the blog this Thursday) of reading a book every month. This month’s book was, “Just Do Something” by Kevin DeYoung. It was interesting, convicting, and healing in a lot of ways. I have a great deal of thoughts on the whole thing, and all in all I’m really thankful I read it. Definitely put the phrase “Reject Passivity” into perspective.

-When I find a song I love I will listen to it on repeat, FOR DAYS! I’m not joking! My current obsession has to be “Leave the Night on” by Same Hunt. It’s wonderful, and perfect for blaring down these back country roads of Southwest Virginia!

-Puppies and babies are the best cure for anything in my book! Seriously if I’m having a terrible day or I’m sobbing uncontrollably just give me a pup or a sweet babe and I’m instantly better. I might not stop crying but I will honestly be so much better off. I don’t care what judgement comes my way from that statement, but it’s true.

-I’m such a words person… seriously, and I love journaling. In a lot of ways it’s so freeing to me to get to just put all my thoughts out there in a place for only my eyes. It’s my safe place. This week I made myself a new journal and I’ve been going crazy. Almost every night I’ve been writing out my life, the good, the bad, and the ugly! It’s all in there. Essentially it’s an intense journey into my soul.

-I’m pretty obsessed with people. I wish I were an introvert, but I’m also really glad I’m not one. My friend Kaitlyn makes fun of me all the time because there are people in my life who I’m obsessed with and I realized this past week that so many of them will be back in my life, and lets be honest tears will probably be shed.

-I want to go on a hike, like bad! Just let me go to the highest point in the area and look out over creation. Just thinking about it causes me to well up. Seriously, it will give me such a rush to see someplace new and exciting because recently the wanderlust in my heart is just intense!

So that’s it for now readers, check in tomorrow to see one “disease” that I unashamedly (I use that word a lot) suffer with. It’s gonna be great! But until then please enjoy one of the babies that I’m just downright obsessed with!


My Life Monday

This past week I’ve been house sitting for a super sweet family and I’ve really enjoyed it. Though it was technically work it felt more like a staycation. I was able to host different people over, relax, and most importantly binge watch One Tree Hill! Seriously I’m obsessed with that show thanks to my wonderful best friend Carlie.

Another week has flown by and another week has come. This week I will be making my way to West Chester, Pennsylvania to catch up with some old friends, do an anniversary shoot, and have a much needed road trip with a sweet friend! It’s gonna be great to say the least. This week on the blog I’m gonna get to tell you about a crazy experience I got to have assisting Kaitlyn Phipps as she photographed a sweet friends wedding! It was wonderful and taught me so much about the photography business and what it me means to be a wedding photographer. It’s not just about getting the image, it’s about giving your clients photos that when they see them they remember their perfect day and smile! I just hope that one day I’ll get to do that for people.

Now onto the goods!

-Assisting the photographer at a wedding where you’re personal friends with the bride and groom is wonderful. Getting to see all the behind the scenes action was amazing. But by far the best thing is when the groom walks behind you and whispers in your ear that he’s so excited for what’s about to happen. Yeaaa you could say it left me in tears.

-I’m a pro at getting sentimental about things and One Tree Hill has had me all up in the feels about my life as I’ve been watching it this week. It makes me miss high school!

-Speaking of One Tree Hill is it bad that I’ve watched 3 seasons in a week?! Welp, no shame in my game baby cause I totally did that!

-I’ve got this new goal this coming school year to read a book a month and I’m going to be starting this month with the book, “Just Do Something” by Kevin DeYoung and I’m pumped about it.

-Speaking of goals, I’m currently in the process of creating a list of 25 things I have to do before I graduate college. I’ll be posting about that in about a week. It’s gonna be so fun y’all!

– And in most important news today mark 4 days till I’m back in Radford and 20 days until I start my senior year of college! Seriously where has the time gone?! I started this blog when I was a little freshman and now I’m graduating! AHHHH!!!

So excited for this next week an for the excited things that are coming to the blog.

My Life Monday

Hey Friends! I am sooooo excited to be introducing so many new segments on the blog this week and the first one being this segment, “My Life Monday”. This post will basically consist of a recap of the weeks in my life. Some of these post will be sickly intense, packed full of excitement; while others will be slower and more relaxed. But within these post I won’t just share a few details of what took place but also 5-10 nuggets that I feel all my faithful followers and new friends could benefit from! For this first one we’re definitely on the busier side of everything, and whew, was it exciting! So rather than causing you to sit in anticipation lets just get right to it!

This last week consisted of a little bit of R&R at my favorite beach/place this side of the Atlantic, Ocean City, Maryland! It also contained a lot of reflecting and showed me a lot of doors that I should be opening and walking through while others need to be slammed shut and the door padlocked and key thrown away. All together I learned A TON this week. Not only did I learn a lot about my life, I also got the chance to learn a ton about photography this week! Gahh I’ll be sharing about that next week! It’s gonna be great friends! But seriously, Kaitlyn Phipps is an excellent teacher and getting to shadow her this weekend was great and so so so refreshing.

So onto my life…

-Ocean City, Maryland is a place that I have spent a great deal of my life and it is a place where I see so much of my own personal growth and I see where I’ve come from. And from this week I realized that every time I drive over the Route 50 bridge I feel like I’m driving home. I smell the salty air, and I taste the boardwalk fries from a mile away, and I know that I’m home. I cannot wait to share with you about that incredible place this Thursday in the first installment of Thursday Thoughts!

-Housesitting/babysitting is something I truly love. It gives me the chance to live out my true dream of marriage and having a family someday. This week I’m housesitting and I love it! And the family I’m housesitting for are the absolute best and they literally give me nearly full disposal of their house. So I’ve been baking life crazy, having friends and family over, and just really enjoying life! It’s so great and freeing!

-I think one of the best things a person can do for themselves is get in their car by themselves put one incredible song on repeat and drive until they run out of gas or road, which ever comes first! It’s seriously so liberating, and relaxing. So go on give it a try!

-Watching two friends who you love deeply tie the knot in a ceremony that perfect displays both their personalities is even greater. And the best of it all is when you know their marriage will be more beautiful than their wedding day ever could. That my friends is what I witnessed this past weekend and it was simply incredible!

-Lastly, everyone and I mean everyone should give “Though You Slay Me” by Shane and Shane featuring John Piper a listen. Talk about conviction and healing in one siting!

IMG_7809 IMG_7812 IMG_7821Now get ready for the first round of Tuesday Confessions starts tomorrow and I’m talking about one of my favorite things… COOKING!