Golden Hour: Austin and Audrey

IMG_9926I’m obviously not married, but from looking at other Photographers blogs and seeing how they do work I see the importance in anniversary shoots. These type of shoots help to remind people why they fell in love, and why they CHOOSE to fight for one another. For that reason I love seeing these type of shoots and seeing eyes light up and they look at the person who they’ve pledged forever to. It’s so insanely beautiful that I just squeal at the beauty of it all. Well today friends I’ll be showing you a couple that I got to see first hand experience this. This couple is beautiful and they love each other with relentless passion. This couple is the definition of grace, redemption, and forgiveness and it just oozes from their pores. It’s so incredible!

World, meet Austin and Audrey! These two are insanely fun and quirky, and they’re just plain awesome. I met Audrey a little over a year ago and I have seriously loved her ever since. She has grown to be a woman who impacts the very ground I walk on with her words of truth and wisdom and how she pours them into my life. This past summer she mentored me during our time in Central Asia and through our relationship I got to learn a lot about Austin. These two met during their time at Ohio University and through their relationship true love was found, eternity was changed, and life became better because they were together. As Audrey told me before their shoot these two walk the fine line between classy and casual, but seriously, forget about walking that line. These two rocked this shoot! Seriously!!! When Austin would look at Audrey I saw the two of them light up and the beauty of one another. These two are going to conquer the world with every step they take. I’m so excited that even if its from a distance I get to watch it and be even a minor part of it all!

Austin and Audrey I could write about y’all and your amazing love for days. Thank you for laughing with me and being apart of my life and most importantly for pouring into my life like you do. You two are beautiful and I can’t thank you enough for running around West Chester with me and exploring Pennsylvania’s Golden Hour!

IMG_9843 IMG_9845 IMG_9859IMG_9857IMG_9860IMG_9872IMG_9882Seriously, do you see the way they look at each other!? Stop it, y’all are the best!IMG_9885 IMG_9890 IMG_9898Most of the shoot was done on the campus of West Chester University. I seriously fell in love with this little place. It’s no Radford, but it is awesome!IMG_9900 IMG_9901 IMG_9910 IMG_9916 IMG_9922 IMG_9927IMG_9943 IMG_9930 IMG_9933 IMG_9940 IMG_9950 IMG_9953Oh gosh I’m in love with this one above here! So natural and beautiful!IMG_9944 IMG_9960IMG_9972Can you believe that I took these ring shots with my 50!? Good job little buddy! Also isn’t Audrey’s ring gorgeous! So simple and elegant, great find Austin!IMG_9975
IMG_9990 IMG_9987Aren’t they beautiful!? Austin and Audrey, y’all are the best. I hope you’ve enjoyed these last few years of marriage. You guys make it look insanely fun and I love it. Love you guys, and thanks for being such incredible models!


Golden Hour: Jonathan and Nikki

IMG_6657 IMG_6823 IMG_6635Friends, today is a momentous day on the blog because I get to bring you two new amazing people. Blogosphere meet Jonathan and Nikki Bowell. These two are a beautiful couple that I am so thankful live in the beautiful city of Radford. When I was a freshman here at Radford and had no idea what to do with my life or how to spend my time Nikki and Jonathan came into my life. I met these two when they were just dating and they were  in the same college ministry I had just joined. Nikki sang in the band and Jonathan was the emcee, so they were pretty well known faces within the movement. I look back now and I remember thinking that they probably thought I was just this supper annoying Freshman girl who had no life and just wanted to hangout with the older students (which was a little true). As I got more involved I actually did a women’s group with Nikki and through that group she and I grew a lot closer spiritually and I got to see a piece of her heart that just captured me. I saw that this girl had passion and I loved it. When it came to Jonathan I just remember thinking he looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo and I loved it! This guy is my kinda funny. Super spit fire humor that will have you on the floor if you’re careful and I loved it. Jonathan also really challenged me in the greatest ways possible when it came to my faith. I found myself constantly having conversations with Jonathan about the bible and Jesus and I just thrived. I love that I’ve gotten to catch just a glimpse of these two in my years here in Radford. Well good news these two amazing people got married a year ago and my sweet friend Kaitlyn shot their wedding and engagement so you should totally check those out!

Well that brings us to now. It’s been almost a year since these two got married and man let me tell you what The Lord has done since that beautiful day last year. He has brought these two to Valley Bible Church and man has he used them since bringing them here. Jonathan is currently one of our interns and he blesses that place like crazy, Nikki has also started working at the church and they are honestly just such a blessing. I feel privileged to know that I have people like these two who love Jesus so well that it just radiates through everything they do. I could go on for days! So now this brings us to just a few weeks ago. I was with Nikki and I was telling her that I was really wanting to launch this business and I asked if I could do a shoot with her and Jonathan for their anniversary, and her eyes lit up and she gave me a resounding yes! I was so happy that it warmed my soul! I am so happy to be bringing these two on the blog and for y’all to meet them. So with no time wasted I met with these two on a beautiful day here in Radford to take some gorgeous photos. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. People who have had their souls refreshed by Jesus, take the best photos ever! Seriously I couldn’t stop complimenting these two, because they’re just that beautiful!

So that’s enough of my babbling. Enjoy my adventures as I explored the golden hour with Nikki and Jonathan!

IMG_6310 IMG_6324 IMG_6316When the first five minutes of your shoot start with images like this you just know it’s gonna be a great day!IMG_6347IMG_6371 IMG_6397 IMG_6401 IMG_6407 IMG_6411The dress that Nikki is wearing is actually the dress that she wore when she and Jonathan left their wedding. I was really excited that they brought a piece of their sweet day for the shoot!IMG_6419 IMG_6425 IMG_6448 IMG_6553IMG_6480 IMG_6510 IMG_6514The sun in their eyes and they still look flawless… They’re so ready for GQ!IMG_6540 IMG_6549IMG_6564IMG_6572IMG_6570After this we decided to get a little bit more casual and head to the infamous Main Street of Radford. This place is full of color and I was so pumped that I finally got to shoot here. If you ever just come through Radford you must stop on Main Street. It’s just so homie and quaint. I’m personally obsessed. IMG_6685IMG_6680Just look at these two… FREAKING MODELS!!IMG_6626IMG_6612IMG_6610IMG_6651IMG_6727IMG_6716IMG_6700Main street has these super cool walls that run through it and as we headed over to the train tracks Jonathan asked if we could stop and take some pictures with them. I gave zero hesitation! This place is awesome, like I said you have to stop at Main Street! It’s the best!!!IMG_6736 IMG_6744IMG_6751 IMG_6756 IMG_6768 IMG_6769 IMG_6772 IMG_6784 IMG_6789These next two shots are hands down two of my favorites from the whole shoot. When I sat down to go through the photos my jaw dropped when I came across these two. Gahhh their wonderful!IMG_6791 IMG_6794Gosh you two are simply gorgeous. Just stop it!IMG_6813 IMG_6807 IMG_6802 IMG_6834Jonathan and Nikki, thank you sooooo much for running through the street and experiencing the golden hour with me. You two are wonderful and I absolutely loved our time together. You’re both beautiful people and I am so blessed to call you friends. Thanks for listening to your callings and ending up here in the middle of nowhere Radford. Seriously, I love you both. Running around with you refreshed my soul and brought life to me so for that I thank you! I hope you enjoyed everything, because I know I did. Y’all are wonderful and Happy Anniversary! One year down, forever to go!IMG_6827