Anything Can Happen

Heyyoo readers! My life has been pretty hectic lately, between classes, CRU, Res-Life, and all those others shambles that I always have going on. For example I found out that I need to get at least a 95 on a final in one of my classes to get a C, and it’s for my major. NOT COOL! But whatever, looks like I’m getting my ish together and getting an A on that exam! This should be fun. But besides that I have found that I’ve let my heart run off, and get a little crazy. I have found myself overloading my plate, and thinking it’s ok because I did it, FALSE! I have taken on these roles that are just ridiculous. It’s all pretty crazy so let me give you a quick run down!

So first off, it’s official I will be a freshmen women’s bible study leader next year! I’m so excited for this, because It’s something I wanted to do last year but The Lord obviously had other plans.I cannot wait to lead women to know and understand the Lord’s love, and how affectionate He is towards His daughters. I know it’s going to be awesome!

I will also be making my second appearance in Res-Life, and will be returning to Moffett Hall, and to say I’m excited is an understatement! I have a kick butt staff that will rock this campus. This past Sunday we had our awards banquet for Res-Life this last year, and I got the great joy of being recognized as the Outstanding Female RA of The Year. According to my staff and others around me my face was priceless. I had no idea that I had even been nominated, let alone win it! It was so exciting, in many ways I still second guess it because I don’t feel that I did very much, but I also always doubt myself. It’s pretty wild though to know that my efforts and love for my hall, residents, and Radford University in general really shined through. I have such a passion for this University and I can’t wait to see how that plays out in the next two years!

Along with my win, one of my amazing Co-Workers, Jordyn, won Outstanding Male RA of the Year, and most supportive staff member. My other co-worker, Leah, won Outstanding Programmer of the Year, and Best Door Decorations. Maddie won “Most Likely to be a Dean”, whatever that means, ha! My building as a whole also won program of the year. It’s so exciting to see how much we’ve all accomplished in the last year. our hard work really paid off!

It’s been a pretty incredible year, and I’m glad it’s not done yet! Next year will be even more amazing, and I know that The Lord will continue to build me up into the woman that He longs for me to be. Well, that’s it, but enjoy these pictures from this past weekend!

IMG_9855 IMG_9853Told you, I was not ready for this, notice Brian laughing!

IMG_9862Introducing the Outstanding Male, and Female RAs of the Year!!

IMG_9964IMG_9929 IMG_9913 IMG_9909 IMG_9898Yeah, we’re pretty awesome!

IMG_9940We WIN!




Maddie and Nathan


I am so excited to bring you a really awesome set of people that I am blessed beyond words to have in my life! You already know Maddie, I’ve had her on the blog before, and yes she’s looking beautiful as usual. Now it’s time for me to introduce you to Nathan! Nathan is one of my fellow RA’s in Moffett, and he’s super awesome, and he’s basically my big brother! These two have been dating for a little while now, and Maddie asked if I could give them some real pictures so I kindly offered my services. Now this will definitely not be the last time I will have them on the blog, but I hope you enjoy what I’m offering up right now.

These two are super awesome, and super cute! I really love both of them a lot, and I’m so blessed to have them in my life, I can’t wait to see where life takes them. So without further delay, enjoy!




They’re so fun!







These last five are seriously my favorites! They’re super simple, just like Maddie and Nathan are, and I just feel like they express the two of them perfectly!

IMG_0033 IMG_0030 IMG_0023 IMG_0021 IMG_0137

Well there you have it! I love these two, and be sure to look for them to be on the blog somewhere in mid May!


Six months ago I decided to embark on a journey I never thought i’d do, I chose to dedicate my life to pursuing God, and not men. This is something I’ve never done, and never thought I would do. After a hard let down on a rough October night I decided that I was done, and didn’t want to hurt like that again, so I decided to embark on this new change in life. I decided that I would focus on the Lord, and knowing Him personally, and intimately. In that I set extreme boundaries in my life, these included never being alone with a guy in various settings, doing an intentional Date night with Jesus weekly, and no flirting. These were not always easy to abide by and slipped up a few times but I’ve found grace and love in doing this.

I’m now at the halfway point, and to sat it’s been easy would be a lie. I have definitely caught myself in the act of breaking my boundaries, and at times doing it out right. But like I said I learned a lot of grace in doing so. I also am blessed to have two amazing accountability partners, Carlie and Kendall, who do their best to call me out in grace, and truth in love, and help me to continue to seek after the Lord”s plan in my life. Carlie, and Kendall have really encouraged me through out this whole thing, and they’ve helped me to see that in the end this will all matter, and this whole process will have been worth it. It’s really a beautiful thing.

SIDE NOTE! I have also realized that in this time I have hit the jackpot with friends! Like seriously, such solid, and Godly men and women that have led me in truth is not something that many have, and I’m just so blessed, it’s beautiful.

Now one thing that has also been really fulfilling is this amazing book that I’m reading now, “Singleness Redefined” by Carolyn Leutwiler!


This book is so awesome, and it really hits me like I need it to. I need truth spoken into my life, specifically truth in love! This book calls it like it is, and really calls women out on our sin when it comes to being single. This book is also awesome because in the end of every chapter theres a great little application piece that helps you to remember the information you just received, and to really retain it.

One of the best parts of this book so far for me was a section that was so convicting. It was a part talking about being ungrateful for what we do have, and it was really a moment where I sat back and wanted to sob because this is what I do so often. I am so ungrateful that often times I don’t even look around to see all I’ve been blessed with. Instead of trying to retype it here’s my very lovely instagram of it.
Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 8.59.30 PM


This section not only calls us out but also uses an entire section of scripture to back it up. It’s so awesome, and truthful to catch yourself in this way. I found myself in awe of the Lord and how He works. Because of His abundance of love, truth, and grace I am chosen, adopted as His, given grace, redeemed, and can become one with Christ! How awesome is that? It’s on of those things that I can never fully grasp, but I can get close. The Lord is really changing my heart and He’s helping me to see everyday that His plans are so much greater than mine. I just need to continue to remind myself of that.

In doing that I also have a new quote for this hectic and static time in my life and that is Be Still! I just really feel like that is something that the Lord has been telling me for the last few days. Once again I like instagram so I made some nice reminders for myself and I have them all over my room, it’s a pretty great actually!

Screen shot 2013-04-01 at 9.15.06 PM


These words reign so much truth, Be Still, aka WAIT ON THE LORD! The rest of this verse even goes to say, “Be still and know that I AM God!” Not Be Still and do nothing, NO, Be Still and wait on me because I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING! It’s an awesome, and “subtle” reminder that God is in control of my life, and when I let Him have full reign only great things can happen!