It’s that time of year again! Im getting to head down to Panama City Beach, Florida with CRU for our annual national conference, Big Break! This is a conference focused solely on evangelism, and growing in your faith. Everyday we will be going out and sharing the true gospel of Jesus to non believers, and more specifically drunk college students. PCB is the largest area for college students from all across the country to flock to everyday. It’s an experience I will never forget, and I’m so excited that I get to experience it again. It will be another amazing year of memories, and trials that will only help me to grow and develop in my faith!

A song that was given to me last year around this time was the song “Scratch” by the Shelly Moore Band. It is such an awesome, and peaceful song. This song really lays out the struggles of a believer. This world, and the things we receive here for the most part are not eternal. They are so minuscule, and temporary but yet we put so much emphasis on them and hold them to these high ranks that are just not necessary. That is what I truly want to convey to the people I share with, these students are looking for Earthly satisfaction and that simply does not matter. That is not what the Lord promises us. He promises us a hope and a future that does not lie within this earthly life! Our true and full reward lies in Heaven, and no place else.

My prayer for PCB is that it’s ready to get recked with the gospel of Jesus Christ! I pray that truth is going to flood their lives, and just take them over with joy, love, and grace! I know this year in PCB will be awesome, and that it’s going to be one for the books. The Lord is working and I know He’s doing amazing things, and that through us as His children the Kingdom is being glorified!


“And this the gospel of the Kingdom will be proclaimed across the whole world!” Matthew 24:14


God I Look to You

I am a very spastic person and am very excited about the news I have to share with all of you lovely readers! I just got an amazing phone call from my future project director Jon Ruch! Yep, you all know what that means! I’m going on another summer project!!!!! I have just received the true blessing of being accepted to the Central Asia Summer Project! It is a six week International summer missions project that will take me completely out of my comfort zone and give me the chance to share God’s love to a nation that has pushed Him away, and disregarded His name. I am so thankful to get this amazing chance to share His love with others and and be a light in finishing the Great Commission.

I have thought about this area of the World since leaving Ocean City, and to know that I’m finally getting to go out and do this warms my heart. I have never had a heart for international missions until I went to Ocean City. My eyes were opened in a way I never thought possible. Now I am so passionate about these students, and their lives, and for them to know Christ! These students live in such a dry area and unfortunately live in an area where the gospel is not accepted, and many students who have accepted the gospel are shunned by their families and disowned.

So as I prepare to head out for this mission my hope is that y’all would be praying for me, and for my team. Pray that we diligently raise our support, and our hearts that we constantly seek the Lord, and His mission through all of this. Pray for our staff team as they plan our trip, and how they will help us to best reach this nation and the students in it. Lastly pray for this nation. Pray that the people of this nation, that they will have open hearts, and minds to the gospel, regardless of their culture, and what custom says. The Lord has a plan for this nation and I am so thrilled to be apart of it.

This will not be an easy mission, but it is one that I know that Lord has put me on for a reason! This nation has had a place in my heart since leaving Ocean City, Maryland, and to know that the Lord is calling me here makes me so ecstatic. Your love, support, and prayers are very much appreciated. I know this is the Lord’s plan and more than anything I want to fulfill that, and live it out!