Thursday Thoughts: Assisting Kaitlyn Phipps Photography

One thing that I have admitted and been very vocal about recently is my love of photography and how it is something I’d love to grow and turn it into something. Capturing  images of people at their happiest moments is something that brings me such joy. And knowing that there is a potential for me to be able to deliver that to people sends shivers through my veins. Those shivers are good though. Like the shivers you get when you see the person you love and you finally get to embrace them after a long time. It’s life changing all in itself.

So with my first wedding coming up in just a few short months I went to my sweet friend, Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is an up and coming photographer and man is she talented?! Seriously Kaitlyn has this eye for capturing life as people live it. She just wants people to experience life when she photographs them and when she’s shooting a wedding or engagement shoot or anything with their significant other she just wants them to remember why they fell in love and she just wants them to do it all over again! And that is exactly what I would want in a mentor when it comes to photography.

So there was a wonderful opportunity coming up and it was to assist her in shooting my friend Becca’s wedding and Kaitlyn offered me the chance to do this. I was overjoyed when Kaitlyn asked me and I knew it would be a great learning experience and that it would help me to see the behind the scenes of a wedding from the photography standpoint.

So some things I learned from the whole experience is that to be honest I KNOW NOTHINGS! Ha, and man was that humbling. I totally thought I had it all together, but that was so far from the truth. Kaitlyn taught me so much that day whether she knows it or not. She taught me that as the photographer you have to be ready to roll with the punches, because every wedding day has it’s own set of punches. Kaitlyn taught me that being organized and being ready to snap that camera at any given moment is the second most important part of your job. While the most important part is to remember that your job as a wedding photographer is to help remind the people who your photographing remember why they first fell in love. That is the point of what WE as wedding photographers do! We capture love. And that is the most important lesson I learned from Kaitlyn.

Matt and Becca’s wedding was absolutely incredible! From the moment I showed up and Becca gave me the biggest hug, to the sparkler send off! Kaitlyn did an excellent job of being professional throughout the day and at the same time just being plain awesome.

Kaitlyn, thank you for teaching me just a few of the ropes of wedding photography an what it means to capture life and reminding people of why they fell in love. You’re so wonderful and I smile knowing this is not the end of our lessons together! You’re an incredible teacher and your passion for this industry is beautiful. You are an incredible photographer, friend, and sister. I love you friend. You’re the best!

imageGotta have this blurry picture, because as photographers we have blurry lives and we roll with the punches!


Dreams do Come True

In my life I have had two specific women come into my life and really lead me, and help me to grow and mature with God! Erin is one of those women. I met Erin when I was 15 in Kentucky while on a Mission’s trip. I can’t explain what it is about her, but she has truly changed my life for the greatest ways. Since knowing Erin we have been through extreme trials in our lives. This includes everything from death to divorce, but never did we lose sight of God and His plan for us and our lives! I can’t tell anyone how much I truly love this woman and how thankful I am that God put her into my life.


Now in the last year and a half Erin met an amazing Man, and his name is Clint. Erin and Clint were so fun together, and for the first time in a long time I saw Erin happy and in a relationship that God had truly blessed. It was truly a beautiful thing for me to get to see. Now in getting Clint to come into her life also came five, yes I said five beautiful daughters! These girls are seriously amazing. Their names are Victoria, Hannah, Abigail, Carolina, and Laura Joy. They are some of the funnest, and exciting little girls that I’ve ever met! Did I mention that they’re all so beautiful, I mean seriously no group of siblings should ever be this adorable!

Now along with all of their beauty, I also got to take part in this family by hanging out with them, and making a lasting relationship. I’ve always been Erin’s “adopted daughter” so to see these five girls come in at first it definitely wasn’t easy but I knew it was exactly what God wanted for this amazing woman. So through all of that and a few other mishaps within about 10 months Erin and Clint were ENGAGED!! I was appointed as the honorary Maid of Honor, and got to be there for every aspect of Erin’s amazing day. I also got to strut my stuff with photography and help take photos for her wedding. I can’t say that I’ve ever felt more blessed. It was such a beautiful day, and I pray that Erin and Clint never forget the roads they had to walk to be together. Here’s a few of the photos from that amazing day!

Erin && Clint

Erin and Clint’s programs were so amazing. They were unlike anyone I had ever seen before. They included the order of events of course, but they also included Erin and Clint’s testimonies! Like seriously what better to put in there then the story of God’s redemption on both of their lives, what could be better than that. They also included a few ministries that the two of them support, and how you can support those ministries as well. it was so beautiful and I just really loved them.


One thing I’ve always loved about Erin is her classic beauty, and ability to shine in any room she walks into! She’s just gorgeous!


Like I said I have some beautiful new sassy sisters!



I love the two photos above! They’re just really awesome to me. I love the way the sun is reflecting, and just awesome everything is with them. Erin also had a really awesome dress that was totally her, and the second I saw it I knew it was gonna look amazing on her! They’re both amazing people and the Son is totally shinning in this picture!


One thing that Erin and Clint did during their wedding was a mini worship service. After Erin got down the aisle the band continued to play some of Erin and Clint’s favorite worship songs. It was so beautiful because Erin is such an expressive worshiper and to see her praising God for getting her down that aisle is just amazing. I really love her if you didn’t know!

IMG_7183 IMG_7211


A common wedding ceremony that is trending right now is the sand pouring ceremony. It is seen commonly in blended families and to see all seven of these amazing people come together and blend this moment together was just amazing! It brought me to tears and to see Erin so happy knowing that she was welcomed into this family was so beautiful.

IMG_7252 IMG_7272

I pray for this couple often! And I know that with every inch of their being they are honoring the Lord in their ways. Erin and Clint you have a beautiful family and I couldn’t be more thankful for you and how you have welcomed me into your family. I love y’all so much and I cannot wait to see where life takes y’all and how amazing it will be. Always love God more than you could ever love each other, and never forget that love is the answer. It’s because of Love that you’re here today, and it’s because of Love why you found one another! I love you both so much and I know that with God as your goal you will never fail!


Had to insert this lovely backside photo of me and my Mom E! Photo cred: Megan(Erin’s Sister)