Chasing The Light: Surprise Richmond Weekend!


Ha, I told you awesome readers that I would blog again!! So a week ago some friends and I decided that we missed some of our awesome friends from Richmond so we planned this wonderful trip to surprise them! It took a great deal of planning and secret spy work to make this surprise happen. I immediately contacted my beautiful friend Sheridan and we began to plan our little trip.  I will admit I was a little sad that I couldn’t surprise Sheridan and Beth, but hey I couldn’t be spontaneous with needing a place to sleep! But there were so many surprises to come that it was ok if one didn’t happen. Ok not really but what was I gonna do at that point.

So the day finally came and naturally it was pouring down rain 😦 frowns all around. But I knew the surprise would continue on anyways! So I got the text from my friend Adam telling me he was on his way to my house with our friends Brandon, and Neal, and a little surprise for me. As I was waiting I kept looking out the window waiting for them, and eventually I just went to my room and played Iphone checkers…. yes that is what my life resorted to. Well not even three minutes later I heard a car door shut and I sprinted to the door. As I looked outside I saw a familiar car and immediately screamed with joy! They had brought my beautiful Carlie with them!!! It had been about two weeks since we had last seen each other, but getting to be with her was definitely a treat.

So like I said before, IT WAS POURING! Pretty bad actually, but luckily no one died, so I think that speaks well of my driving 🙂 Our first stop was the one and only Cracker Barrel. I forget how much I love that place everytime. Seriously it’s delicious! Then we went off to our first surprise. We ventured to Luke’s house, and came up with a plane for each of us to sporadicly walk in. Each time he was more shocked, and by then end he said he couldn’t handle anymore surprises! From there we then had to figure out how to surprise our friend Adam. We figured it would be easy just because of Adam’s personality, and how he was completely clueless as to what was coming his way. When we arrived at Adams house we rang the door bell and when he answered the exact look of shock was there that I knew would be. So much shock ran through his body that he dropped his game remote. It was priceless, and I’m still kicking myself for not getting a picture of it.

From there our evening continued on with just reconnecting and being together while preparing for an incredible new semester! I love these amazing people and I hope you enjoy our mini photo shoot that took place in Sheridan’s driveway cause those are the kind of people we are!

IMG_9787Sheridan’s lovely driveway then became our photoshoot backdrop!

The boys then decided to play this crazy game called “buck buck”. Just watch the progression…IMG_9780 IMG_9781 IMG_9782 IMG_9784 IMG_9786These boys are absurd, but I love all of them with my whole heart. They show me everyday that there is hope and that as a woman I am loved an appreciated by my brothers. Not to get all sentimental and everything.

IMG_9794 IMG_9799

Had to get a “hot pic” of Neal and his wonderful boys!IMG_9800 IMG_9807 IMG_9813

FINALLY the girls got to take our boot picture, and have our fabulous photos done!IMG_9843 IMG_9856 IMG_9853

But, it wouldn’t be a proper shoot unless the boys got super ridiculous and photobombed…IMG_9834I am beyond thankful that this weekend was had. It was an excellent time to reunite and enjoy my beautiful friends. This amazing trip truly personified the quote that says, “Friends are the family you choose for yourself…” I am beyond thankful for the fact that I was chosen by this family and that I am loved so well by all of them in a way that could only come from one thing. 

IMG_9864 IMG_9923 IMG_9871 IMG_9948 IMG_9958 IMG_9946 IMG_9965 IMG_9953 IMG_9895 IMG_9900Sheridan, Beth, Carlie, Neal, Adam, Luke, Adam, and Brandon I love all of you with my whole heart and couldn’t think of greater friends to have. I’m thankful that our amazing daddy and the town of Radford brought all of us together, and that together is how we’ll forever stay! Y’all are amazing, and I’m so excited to be fighting this battle with you everyday!


Chasing The Light: Washington, DC

IMG_8940Hey Friends! I know I suck, I will go an blog without ends for like two weeks and then I’ll leave you hanging for a month! I’m truly, truly sorry!

Well the holidays are finally over, yes I said finally! Don’t get me wrong I love this past time of year more than anyone, but it really gets exhausting. I’ll be heading back to school today so I thought, what better way to give you a quick recap of my break than now!? So here we go!

Over break I got a new lens!!! I’m so pumped and I’m obsessed with it! This little baby is the Canon 50mm 1/8 and I’m obsessed. My goal for this next year is to save up and either get two new lenses or get a new body, preferably a MARK series! (fingers crossed) Well this little power house takes some beautiful images, and it makes me feel really confident about some shoots I have coming up. Be on the lookout for those.

Well on to how me and some awesome friends chased the light this time! Over break I got the amazing opportunity to head up to Washington, DC with some close friends and just live life together. One day while we were there we had to go to the National Mall and see all that our Nation’s Capital holds! So I broke out my wonderful little camera and we took the city by storm.

IMG_9272 IMG_9269 IMG_9270It’s moments like this when I remember that I seriously have the most BEAUTIFUL friends ever! Seriously all of these people make me want to be a better person and their souls are so breath taking I can’t even handle it! You’ve met all of these people before and they’re are just some rare gems, that I’m basically obsessed with!

Our first stop was The Metro! Where else would it be!? We got on and immediately started snapping. Thee kids are a trip and I just laugh like crazy when we’re together. However it’s so interesting to me to see that the boys are more in love with the camera than the girls… It’s hysterical!

IMG_9126 IMG_9112 IMG_9118Aren’t they hilarious!

Once we got off The Metro I feel in love with the architecture and simple beauty of this city. Cities most definitely aren’t the easiest places for me. I get pretty overwhelmed when I’m in them, but lucky for me DC wasn’t very crowded that day. Which was pretty shocking since it was New Years Eve. But it gave us some opportunities to take some pretty ridiculous photos. But lets be honest I’m friends with some pretty crazy people and we would’ve taken them anyways. I loved getting to be with these people during this amazing time. I can’t wait to start this semester and see how we all continue to grow together, and live life together! It’s just awesome!!

IMG_9149Remember Beth!? She’s such a model!
IMG_9152 IMG_9155There are so many colors in this beautiful city!

IMG_9165These boys are ridiculous!

IMG_9164 IMG_9212 IMG_9209Eventually we got to have a little bit of a photoshoot with just the ladies!

IMG_9175 IMG_9197 IMG_9176Our wonderful little team! Love these guys so much.

IMG_9261Eventually we went to go hangout with Barack and Michelle. While we were there I kneeled down to get a picture of the house, when I did I noticed this little piece of paper in the grass. I immediately smiled and showed everyone. I love finding little reminders like this in the middle of the big pictures in life. It’s really hard to find light sometimes, and a part of me believes this little picture was meant to give each of us a glimpse of hope 🙂

IMG_9093 IMG_9155

These last few images are just my favorites of the trip so enjoy them. And don’t worry friends, I’ll be posting again very soon, aka sooner than one month from now… enjoy! 🙂