Senior Portraits: Willie

IMG_3700 IMG_3842 IMG_3964Ahh yes, It’s finally Friday and my life just became so much easier. I have done so much school work over the last few weeks that I thought my brain was going to explode. This school year is quickly coming to an end and I’m quite torn on my feelings of the whole thing because I’m excited to finally relax and head back to Central Asia, but at the same time I’m in shock that I’m going to be a SENIOR! What?!

Well I’m excited to bring you another session that I did last week with one of my good friends and my boss. This is Willie. Willie is my boss for ResLife here at Radford. Willie is easily one of the most professional men I’ve ever met in my life. He strives for excellence and to serve his name well. Willie has pushed me and challenged me this year and at times I must admit I wanted to hit him, but now I recognize that his challenges have only made me a better employee and a better person. Willie will be graduating from Radford with a Masters Degree in Business, and believe me this guy knows the business world like none I’ve ever met. Radford has a well renowned school of Business and the COBE building is probably one of the most recognized buildings on our campus. It’s a beautiful place and getting to explore it with Willie during this beautiful senior shoot was incredible.

So I hope you enjoy these images and wish Willie well as he graduates from Radford University and heads into the workforce!

IMG_3688 IMG_3697 IMG_3703 IMG_3692IMG_3709 IMG_3746 IMG_3711 IMG_3736 IMG_3756Willie is an avid “selfie” taker, and he is constantly taking pictures of himself and putting them on Instagram. So with this quality about himself you would think he would be super comfortable taking picture. This was not the case he got super camera shy but thanks to my wonderful assistant, Maddie, we were able to get him to loosen up and get comfortable with being in front of the camera. Once he got to that point there was no stopping him, and we got some beautiful images!IMG_3785 IMG_3798 IMG_3834 IMG_3825IMG_3875IMG_3953IMG_3930IMG_3914IMG_3931IMG_3890IMG_3884IMG_3867IMG_3906IMG_3953IMG_3916IMG_4011Willie I wish you the best as you go on through the new stage of life. You were an excellent supervisor and I am more than blessed to have you in my life. You’re truly one of a kind, and I love that I get to call you a friend. IMG_4037


Senior Portraits: Brittany

IMG_5628 IMG_5774 IMG_5669Can’t you tell I’m just procrastinating in writing a paper that’s due tomorrow? Well you would be absolutely correct in thinking that! Ahh I’m ready for these next two weeks to slowly fly by, I’ve been conducting the struggle bus hardcore recently, but it’s ok because I’m almost a SENIOR IN COLLEGE!! What?! Where did the last three years of my life go? I don’t even know what to say. But along with my changing life, let me introduce you to my wonderful friend Brittany. Brittany is a senior Anthropology and Religious Studies Major here at Radford. This girl is a trip! Seriously we sat down early this morning (while pulling an allnighter), and realized that we wasted our first year of classes together because we weren’t really friends until this semester. She literally said, “I can’t believe it took us so long to be friends, especially since I’m leaving in a month… THIS SUCKS! Cause now I’m going to freaking Georgia! What the heck!?” I told you this girl is crazy.

Brittany is awesome! Seriously when I’m with her I’m always laughing, and I love every second of it. I’m going to miss her as she’s on her way to Georgia State for Graduate School, but I know she’ll be back so I’m not totally freaking out. This semester has been such a struggle but with Brittany and our friend Misty by my side it made all the schoolwork bearable. With the laughs about some of our psycho professors and the weird allnighters that we totally didn’t pull the night before a paper in one of our classes was due I can’t imagine going through them without Brittany. Seriously this girl is great!

So wish her luck, and enjoy her beautiful Senior portraits. This girl is beautiful, and her eyes and hair just sparkled during this shoot it was so incredible. So many feels, seriously!

IMG_5594 IMG_5610 IMG_5617 IMG_5632 IMG_5596 IMG_5690 IMG_5680IMG_5683This girl is  FREAKING MODEL!! This image is beyond stunning, work it Brittany!IMG_5560 IMG_5707Brittany has this fiery red hair that matches her personality perfectly. The light this day was incredible and it only made the color pop incredible well. So beautiful!IMG_5741 IMG_5746 IMG_5758 IMG_5757IMG_5772 IMG_5770 IMG_5769The image above was my first attempt of shooting through trees with my 50mm 1.8 and I’m obsessed!IMG_5842 IMG_5845 IMG_5856 IMG_5809Why are you even going to grad school girl, you need to be a model! I’m sure you’ll make more money that way anyways!IMG_5872 IMG_5877 IMG_5873 IMG_5955IMG_5951 IMG_5987 IMG_5971 IMG_5982CONGRATULATIONS GIRL! I’m so proud of you, and I loved getting to take your pictures. You’re wonderful and don’t forget us little people when you become a big famous Anthropologist/Model. Always remember the living people in your life, haha! I crack myself up!

Senior Portraits: Maddie

IMG_4046IMG_4320IMG_4215Wow, it is that time of year again, SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT! To say I am excited for this to come is an understatement. This semester has been super difficult, and I’m just exhausted. I’ve written more papers in this semester than I think I have in my entire educational career! What is my life? But through all the hustle and the bustle I have found time to do five senior sessions recently, and I still have more lined up! I feel like I’m actually considering turning this whole thing into something more! Ahh this is cray but I’ve been seeking out guidance on my photography and every time I get to share my images it has just brought more and joy to my life. Seriously, I love being behind my Canon and just firing away to show the beauty of the souls of my clients. It brings me so much life!

Now this beauty that I’m showing you today is my beautiful original model, Maddie. This girl is amazing, ahh she’s one of my best friends, and to be apart of her life the last two years has been incredible. I’m happy for her as she’s getting ready to step into her new stage of life, i’m absolutely going to miss her, but I know I’ll never loose this girl. She’s so beautiful and she’s just a wonderful addition to my life, and I love her!

So please enjoy her beautiful images, please lift up some good thoughts for her as she goes on to get her Doctoral Degree in Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona!

IMG_4184 IMG_4450 IMG_4417 IMG_4286Maddie is a Chemistry and Biology Major here at Radford (why am i friends with such genius’?) so naturally we had to go to the lab!

IMG_4424 IMG_4510 IMG_4495Then we headed back to the building that she and I work in to catch some sweet images right as the sun was setting. The lighting was beyond beautiful and it only made Maddie radiate even more than she already does! Seriously this girl is beyond beautiful. I could never express how much I truly love her 🙂IMG_4515 IMG_4538 IMG_4521 IMG_4552 IMG_4564 IMG_4584 IMG_4597IMG_4606IMG_4632IMG_4680IMG_4695IMG_4618Maddie I love you more than words and I will be a mess when you leave but love breaks all barriers and any distance. I know that you’ll forever be apart of my life. You’re amazing and I wish you the best in Arizona!