My Life Monday

IMG_5253The sun is shining, the air is brisk, and most importantly it’s Monday! Hey friends!! This next week is gonna be an exciting one for sure. This week I get the chance to be in front of the camera of my sweet friend, Kaitlyn Phipps of Kaitlyn Phipps Photography! I haven’t intentionally been in front of the camera in months so this will definitely be exciting. Besides that good stuff i’ve been crafting like crazy for said shoot! I’m up to eyeballs in paint, wooden letters, canvas’, twine, and craft store receipts, it’s been crazy forsure, but so awesome! Also I found a new Netflix series to help me cope with my One Tree Hill withdrawal, but let’s be honest nothing can ever replace the Raven’s and all their friends.

I have found some awesome new music recently thanks to my Sam Smith pandora station. Seriously, what a guy! I have a deep love for hip hop, rap, and R&B, and Sam really delivers on that pandora station, ha! But seriously guys, it’s fall, which means tons of baking and cider, and most importantly halloween dance parties! Dance parties are my life and I love them. But it’s gonna be great and I’m so excited for this season to really fall into way.

But now for some quirks…

-I know I already said it above but baking is one of my favorite things! You name it, cookies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, anything I love it! And now that it’s fall it means all the best flavors are out and readily available. It’s gonna be a great time friends!

-Crafting calms me down. It helps me to really mellow out. Sunday I got the chance to really chill, start a new netflix series and craft to my hearts content. Needless to say, Riverside is looking great!

-I’ve said it and I’ll say it again, fried pickles are the best. Seriously, enough said!

-On another not everyone should check out the song “Ghost” by Ella Henderson. It’s the best!

Well that’s it for today friends! Have a great Monday!


My Life Monday

It’s a rainy monday here in Radford, but it’s also an awesome day here in Radford. The last two weeks have flown by like a blur and it’s crazy to think I only have 22 weeks of college classes left… LET ME LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MINUTE!

Alright enough of that now. This week is gonna be really exciting on the blog, because this time I’m serious… IT’S CENTRAL ASIA WEEK! I will be bringing you stories, and fun facts all this week about my favorite place on the planet. So get ready for some crazy stories, and maybe a tear or two, but all in all it’s gonna be great! There is of course one exception of course. Wednesday is going to be a different kind of day for me so of course that means it’ll be just the same way on the blog. So please get a box of tissues and a cup of coffee with just a little bit of salt in it and enjoy a letter that I’ve needed to write for a while. It’s gonna be great.

So in honor of starting off Central Asia Week right all the quirks for the week will be Central Asia based… So, here yah go!

-I really miss the feeling of being on a crowded bus, having to defend my own in a place where I’m far from fluent in the language, and far from understanding of all the social cues and norms and getting mistaken from a national. That’s life in Central Asia right there. Crowded busses that smell something awful, with drivers who can’t drive, and full trusting your life and many others that this will not be your last bus ride ever, ahha!

-I’ve always kind of liked coffee, at least when my mom would make it for me, but I’ll tell ya what! Central Asia, specifically this year, turned to me to a tea connoisseur! I love the stuff! Iced, hot, with or without sugar, fruity, sweet, ANYTHING! I love it!

-I took Spanish in high school, three years of it actually. But I’ll tell you what I’ve never loved learning a new language until I went to Central Asia. The language is just so fun, and exciting! To top it off I pick it up pretty easily.

-You know that moment when you see an old woman squat it out right in the middle of a park and go to the bathroom without a toilet there… oh you don’t. Wow you need to go to Central Asia, it’s quite a sight!

-Speaking of bathrooms… One of the best parts of being a woman in Central Asia is the fact that we have to pay to pee… No joke, we have to pay for the toilet paper we use. It’s roughly 20 cents for a little bit, but man it’s great! Really makes me appreciate that moment of solitude… Please not the sarcasm in my voice.

-Music is a thing for me, and the music over there is interesting to say the least. Lots of electronic dance music, and underground house bands. But the funniest thing is the fact that one second they’ll have classic 80’s music playing, then the next it’s some techno version of Airplanes, it’s hilarious!

Well that’s it friends. Check out the blog tomorrow to read about how yours truly is a bartering queen!! Great finds for great prices is how I live! But first I’ll leave you with an incredible Iphone photo of this beautiful place! You can’t tell me that doesn’t take your breath away.IMG_4665

Wednesday Wrap-up

You know I had to get creative with my tardiness! Hey friends, and happy Wednesday! The last week of my life has been insane!!! This past weekend was amazing and so needed, that I didn’t do any work that I needed to do before the weekend started but that’s ok, but it did leave me having to write an entire 12-page paper on Sunday evening. Yea, that was fun. Ha! But seriously friends this weekend was so wonderful, and I have no previews or anything for you but that will all come next week.

So I keep talking about “this past weekend” but you have no idea what I did. This past weekend was the company’s annual fall retreat! This weekend is always amazing, and life changing for many. I have looked forward to this weekend for a whole year now since the last time I went, ha! But seriously this weekend is always the best! But for me it was also very bittersweet. Being a senior it was my last time loading up my car and driving to Camp Powhatan (cue tears). But no worries, you guys will hear all the details of that next week, so get ready for that. But now for the quirks…

-I have a confession, I have a terrible mouth, and I’m super sassy, and very sarcastic. It’s actually a problem I will find myself shouting profanities for no reason. Recently my phrase of choice has been, “(insert name, item, or thing here) is a piece of sh!t.” Yep, it happens. I should probably get better control of my tongue, but yea, who knows. Ha!

-I’m in deep need of a day off. I’m mean seriously! A day off from everything, friends, my phone, camera, blog, EVERYTHING! I want to make this happen but, we’ll see.

-I’ve recently been doing a lot in the means of knocking out my bucketlist and I’m loving it. I only have 21 left now! One of which is to go to a High School Football Game, so that needs to happen soon since the season only has about one month left!

-I’ve officially started season 9 of One Tree Hill. What the heck!? That season premier is so confusing and all over the place. But still so good. Brooke Baker and Haley James Scott are two women after my own heart! Seriously they’re wonderful and I want to be just like them when I grown up.

-Camping brings out a side of me that I love. Laid back and chill without a care in the world is a place I love to be!

So that’s it for this week friends. Check out the blog tomorrow to see my thoughts on where we find our significance!

Golden Hour: Freddy and Emily

IMG_7142Happy October blogosphere! October is here and that means it’s truly fall! No joking about this now. The breeze is in full swing, grandpa sweaters, leggings and boots are everywhere, and most importantly to me and my photography mind the leafs are changing and colors are booming! It’s such a beautiful time. Though the shoot I’m bringing to you today was shot in September that doesn’t take away from it’s beauty or the people in it! Y’all have met Freddy and Emily before, they’re beautiful veterans to the blog today! I got to do a spontaneous shoot with these two to practice with some awesome equipment for an engagement shoot I had and they were literally perfect models!

Freddy and Emily are two of the sweetest and most beautiful people I’ve ever met. They love each other so relentlessly and it’s been beautiful to get to see their love grow over the last four years. Just wait until you see the way Freddy looks at Emily you’ll be swooning over the beauty of it all. Not only that but they’re naturals in front of the camera. They’re so free and just smile, squeal, and laugh at each other and it’s so beautiful.

Freddy and Emily thank you so much for experiencing Southwest Virginia’s golden hour at Harry Dehaven park! You’re both so beautiful and thanks for dealing with my crazy antics and driving to get us to this beautiful gem! Y’all are the best and I can’t be more thankful. I hope you love some of my favorites!IMG_7137IMG_7122Emily, you’re so stinkin gorgeous! So a classic.IMG_7150Looking good Freddy, can’t even tell what you’re wearing under that shirt, ahah!IMG_7143IMG_7153IMG_7146Look at that gorgeous light! Virginia, you kill me!IMG_7160 IMG_7167 IMG_7174 IMG_7175 IMG_7168 IMG_7179 This next image is one that I want to create over and over again. Definitely one that would go into a my style folder. Just genuine, undying love for people. The image below is why I love photography!IMG_7182IMG_7190IMG_7191IMG_7208IMG_7220IMG_7227IMG_7231IMG_7241Just look at them! That look, I love it.IMG_7251IMG_7247Right as the sun was setting we caught these last few images. Check out that sick lighting! The sky was literally pink, blue, and purple. It was so beautiful!IMG_7252IMG_7263IMG_7281So sweet and tender, I love it!IMG_7285 IMG_7287Of course I made them stand on a table, haha!IMG_7323 IMG_7339My favorite shot, hands down! So classic and chic! Just another money shot for the portfolio!IMG_7290Freddy and Emily, you;re incredibly beautiful and you share an unbreakable love. You’re both so beautiful and I can’t thank you enough for being spontaneous with me and running around this park in the middle of nowhere with me. I love you both so much and I hope you enjoyed our time together.

My Life Monday

This week will mark a month since school has started and I feel like I just got back, and am still learning how to get into the groove of life, but hey, it’s still great. Friends, my hope for you is that this week you find joy in the small things, cause that’s definitely what I’ve had to do, ha! This week brought on a ton of nostalgia. With getting to talk to a lot of old friends, and even sending some off to their new adventures in their life, it was so great. Once again I got to travel to Pennsylvania this weekend and it was wonderful. I got to talk about my favorite subject for a whole weekend and that of course is traveling! Learning about how I can inspire college students to take all that they’ve learned here in the states overseas and teach English is something I’m so intensely passionate about that even after driving for almost 8 hours I was so energized that I couldn’t contain myself. The world is my passion and I like to make it my business to learn as much as I can about it so I can just love it more and more.

This coming week will definitely be a busy one, but what week in my life isn’t busy? I have a lot of school work starting this week and I’m actually really excited about it. Two of my classes specifically are so near and dear to my heart that I’m basically foaming at the mouth waiting to begin discussing them and doing assignments for them. Like I said before I’m a proud nerd! Then finally on Saturday I’ll be shooting my first real Engagement session!!!! EEK!!! It’s gonna be so great, and tears will be had! I can’t wait to share it with you, but for now you’ll just have to wait cause I’m keeping this a secret!

No onto the shenanigans…

-I believe that the best way to start a Road Trip is by blaring the best song you can think of and jamming out in a snapchat to it. I did this, this past weekend with my friend Aya and our song of choice was “Acadia” by Marianas Trench! So upbeat and awesome, and I’m sure my friends in West Chester would agree that it was quite enjoyable!

-The nations of the world are my passion and the recent global conference I attended was nothing short of amazing. We learned about the importance of being anchored to the truth while also setting sail for the nations! It was so beautiful, and so intense. I can’t count the number of times that I was nearly moved to tears because I saw so much of who I am at this conference. Let alone that fact that last year when I went to this conference I was the only student from Radford that went, and this year I was one of FIVE! Yes, five! Can you believe it? These students are getting it, and man is it a blessing to see them breaking for the Nations!

-Sheets is amazing! I don’t care what anyone says! Mac and Cheese bites, a chicken tender sub with all the fixins, and a nice drink is the way to go!

-This last week has taught me a lot what it means to allow yourself to be truthfully analyzed by others. By allowing others to come into your life and help you figure out how to fix your junk is so healthy and freeing. I had this happen a few times this week and man was it hard, but at the same time I feel myself turning a new leaf, and growing through the ruble of it all. It’s the hardest, but the best!

-My Mariah Carey pandora station is so perfect!!! Seriously I love just belting every song by that girl when cooking or doing the dishes it’s the best!

-This coming week I’m renting some fun new equipment and I’m so excited about it! Seriously I’m gonna be like a kid in a candy store. Such pretty images will be produced this week and the blog is gonna be extra gorgeous next week. So be sure to check it out.

IMG_4866This coming Wednesday I’m gonna be introducing you to some fabulous women in my life! They’re wonderful and perfect and I love them! How could you not check them out!

Tuesday Confessions: I’m a Words Person

IMG_9481This should in no way come as a shock to any of you out there that know me. I love words! I think they’re incredible and without them I wouldn’t be able to do this, cause I mean literally there’d be no point. But most specifically this comes in the area of my friends. One thing I love to do is write notes to my friends and hide them somewhere in their belongings so that at the right moment they’ll find the note and they’ll be encouraged and feel loved by me. I personally love it when this happens to me. One thing I really struggle with is understanding that I matter. Not just in life but to people. I constantly hear the lie that if I weren’t here everyone’s lives would be so much easier, and the world as a whole would be an all around better place. Now, like I said THIS IS A LIE! It is something I have no business believing, but it does impact me in areas of my life. But when I get these notes, or just in general a friend reminds me that I matter to them I could probably fall to the floor because it’s so refreshing to hear that and be reaffirmed in the truth of my existence.

So that brings me to the topic of words. These things are powerful beyond belief! They can be used for evil and glory and I’ve definitely been caught on both ends of that spectrum. I’m bold and most important I’m blunt. Honestly I’m probably the worst at watching my mouth when it comes to a lot of things, I just call it like it is, and I definitely need to get better and filtering what I say and when I say it. But that there is exactly what I mean! Words are something that I would argue is the most powerful thing we have. They can cut deeper than any knife, and they can also build someone up taller than skyscraper.

One thing that my wonderful team in Central Asia did this summer was wrote notes to every person on our team. All 17 of us wrote notes to the other 16 people on the team. Do this day I keep those notes in my purse and when I need a pick me up or even just to read them I pull one out of my purse and read it and smile. I see the beauty in words in a new and exciting way through these notes. They remind me that it’s not just in what people think of me, but ultimately what I think of myself! My own words to myself will impact me. So I encourage all of you to remember who you are and whose you are! You matter to this world, and your worth is found in nothing more or less than the one who created you and who loves you with such a perfect love that it cast out all fear and iniquity! So smile pretty today, and know that YOU ARE LOVED!IMG_9487 IMG_9485

Tuesday Confessions: I wish I could be an Interior Designer

Photographs. They capture just a glimpse of the beauty within life. As an aspiring photographer I love to get the blessing of getting to capture these incredible images. To see the look on someone’s face when they see the work I get to produce of them. But besides that I love having photos of myself. Since getting my first camera ever when I was 13 was one of the best things ever. The camera was pretty bad but I used the heck outta that thing I took pictures of everything. Aside from that every two years ago I would get a new camera until finally when I was 19 I bought my first DSLR. It’s still one that I use today and it’s my good ‘ole faithful Canon Rebel T3. This thing gets so much use and I love it. But that is where my love of decorating and Interior Design came from. I would go to target and print anywhere from 10 to 100 pictures and then I would go to the dollar store, or any old shop that had cheap frames and I would fill them up and put pictures everywhere. I grandma was never happy having 500 holes in her walls from all the pictures I would hang up. But that’s just it. I never had that growing up. We never took a whole ton of photos and I truly regret that now. I want old pictures and pieces of value but I don’t have that not. However, the day I got my first camera and a job to be able to buy prints it was a great day in my life. Creating memories through the lens of my cameras was such a highlight for me. Getting to put them all over my room was something that helped me to feel loved and treasured in the eyes of others. It brings me life to be able to decorate and allow the true sentimental hoarder in me to let loose and just put stuff everywhere.

And that brings us to now friends. Since moving into Riverside I have loved every second of it. Decorating and truly turning this house into a home is something I love. Not only have I been crafting like crazy but I’ve also been arranging furniture and doing all of that crazy stuff, and I love it. Getting to thrift around and find some awesome stuff to decorate this house makes my heart sing with gladness. So maybe it’s a little far fetch to say that I actually want to be an interior designer, because let’s be honest there’s probably some science in all of that stuff that I could never grasp. My style is nothing too crazy and there’s really no science of agenda to how I decorate I just love it. It’s my style and it’s me. So I hope you enjoy a few pictures of my lovely home. It’s my safe place to go to and live life with four other incredible women. So be looking out for some more installments on Riverside!

IMG_0271Can you tell I was an RA for two years!? Look at all those door decs! No shame, nope, not even an ounce!IMG_0230 IMG_0255 IMG_0233IMG_0236 IMG_0256 IMG_0258 IMG_0253I seriously love this house so much and I can’t wait to share more of it with y’all in the coming weeks! It’s gonna be great. Happy Tuesday friends!