So some of you may we wondering why I ever started this blog, well I’m here to tell you. I am a member of a world wide student movement called, Cru. Some of you may know it as Campus Crusades for Christ. It’s an incredible movement based within colleges all across the world. I have been fortunate enough to become a member of this awesome movement, and really set my heart on fire for God!

In sight of becoming apart of this incredible movement I have also found Summer Project. It is a 1-12 week missions trip, and they are offered all over the world. Some places they are offered include Australia, Botswana,  Seattle, Washington, and so many more. One trip that they have really caught my eye, Ocean City, Maryland. I have traveled to Ocean City, Maryland with my family nearly every year of my life. It has always been a place where I knew what true love looked like. That’s part of the reason why I questioned God with this choice. I had seen every aspect of Ocean City, so why send me there. God quickly humbled me by showing me that I’ve seen what Ocean City has become, not what he wants it to be. That immediately helped me realize why I was supposed to go there.

So after that I went through the strenuous application process I submitted my application for this summer project. After my submission I was told I would find out with in one month. Can we talk about how this seemed like it was going to be the longest month of my life! It took a lot of prayer and understanding during this time. I am a very eccentric person and often overreact in situations like this. I freak out, and look for reasons for me to not get the position I want. I’m very harsh on myself to say the least.

Well I’m very happy to say that I will be going to Ocean City this Summer and doing some incredible work for God! I love the fact that I’m going to get to really go out, and dive into this life that hopefully God has for me! He has totally given me a heart for missions, and I’m so ready to have this as my chance to really experience this amazing missions for God. It’s going to be a life changing summer, and I pray that as you read my blog throughout the summer, you really enjoy it with me!

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” Matthew 28:19