Engaged: Nathan and Maddie

IMG_7464She was a young girl from Maryland searching for her future, her purpose, and most of all her calling and somehow she ended up in Radford, Virginia. In her time there she would see many new and exciting things and one of those things would be him. That boy who played ultimate frisbee and had an obnoxious passion for rocks and running. By some playing of the cards they both ended up being Resident Assistants in the same building during their junior year and from there a love was born that no amount of tampering, or fighting could tear apart. Nathan and Maddie are a couple that you feel included around and that you know there is nothing but love between the two of them. I remember sitting in a room with them my freshman year, meeting them for the first time, and seeing the spark being to flicker.

So we started our new year at Radford and I would go to Maddie for life and RA advice and I would sit on her bed for hours divulging on life and of course talking about Nathan. I knew it was gonna be good. Then I would go to Nathan’s room and play guitar and talk about a new book I had gotten him and without fail I was hoping and praying that he would just ask Maddie on a date. It would be about four months until anything really happened but once Nathan asked Maddie to watch a documentary it was done! From there these two were inseparable! Seriously, I got to see these two through some hard times and never once did they say die. These two fought for one another and they fought hard. It’s been so beautiful to watch them fall in love and when I got the snapchat(yes a snapchat, hah) during my time in Central Asia I knew it was done. She said yes and now the rest is history!! These two are beautiful and I cannot wait for their big day! Unfortunately it’s two years away and I wont be able to shoot the wedding cause I’ll be a bridesmaid!!! But all the same it’s gonna be amazing.

Maddie and Nathan you are the best and two of my closest friends and I love you both so much. I cannot wait to help in the planning and see all you guys do together once you pledge forever to each other. You’re both so wonderful and perfect. I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from our time together! I can’t forget to thank you for also being my very first couple and for sticking with me through it all and for allowing me to capture so many parts of your lives together. It’s been the best!IMG_7407_1 IMG_7408 IMG_7409 IMG_7414 IMG_7436 IMG_7441 IMG_7445Had to tie Radford into this whole thing! After our time on this awesome back road we headed to the place Nathan proposed, squealing!!!IMG_7462IMG_7490 IMG_7494 IMG_7495 IMG_7498Maddie’s ring is insanely beautiful! Nathan actually took the stone from Maddie’s grandma’s ring… SO PERFECT!IMG_7505 IMG_7518 IMG_7521 IMG_7542 IMG_7543 IMG_7548 IMG_7554 IMG_7560 IMG_7564 IMG_7566Gosh these two are just perfectIMG_7614 IMG_7619 IMG_7622 IMG_7625 IMG_7634To conclude the shoot we went to a place called the Mill and it was handsdown my favorite spot. If we had only shot here the entire day I would’ve been just fine. These first pictures were taken with just a bit of sunlight left. Maddie and Nathan led me to an open field and in the back I saw this beautiful hill that had just the perfect amount of sunlight to take some gorgeous photos. I will tell you right now that I did in fact make this couple run all the way to that hill so we could get the last bits of sun. I would say it was well worth it, wouldn’t you?IMG_7637 IMG_7641 IMG_7645 IMG_7651 IMG_7655 IMG_7659Now these next ones are me continuing to try to nail down the walking pictures… Try being key word. Regardless, Maddie and Nathan look awesome in every setting. IMG_7670 IMG_7674 IMG_7688 IMG_7727 IMG_7733 IMG_7734Maddie’s eyes tell a story. That’s all I can think of when I look at this picture. IMG_7743 IMG_7761 IMG_7771 IMG_7786 IMG_7795 IMG_7801IMG_7817And then this happened… Yessss! In a dress and slacks Maddie and Nathan climbed that very unsteady tree to capture these beauties!IMG_7826 IMG_7841 IMG_7846 IMG_7852 IMG_7858 IMG_7864Nathan and Maddie I can’t thank you enough for always allowing me to love you and capture your love through my camera. I can’t think of better people to help me start this business and launch my love for photography to the stars. You guys are so amazing and I can’t wait for your wonderful day to come so we can celebrate you guys! I love you both and I hope you loved running around Maryland all day to get these wonderful images.