My Life Monday

It’s a rainy monday here in Radford, but it’s also an awesome day here in Radford. The last two weeks have flown by like a blur and it’s crazy to think I only have 22 weeks of college classes left… LET ME LET THAT SINK IN FOR A MINUTE!

Alright enough of that now. This week is gonna be really exciting on the blog, because this time I’m serious… IT’S CENTRAL ASIA WEEK! I will be bringing you stories, and fun facts all this week about my favorite place on the planet. So get ready for some crazy stories, and maybe a tear or two, but all in all it’s gonna be great! There is of course one exception of course. Wednesday is going to be a different kind of day for me so of course that means it’ll be just the same way on the blog. So please get a box of tissues and a cup of coffee with just a little bit of salt in it and enjoy a letter that I’ve needed to write for a while. It’s gonna be great.

So in honor of starting off Central Asia Week right all the quirks for the week will be Central Asia based… So, here yah go!

-I really miss the feeling of being on a crowded bus, having to defend my own in a place where I’m far from fluent in the language, and far from understanding of all the social cues and norms and getting mistaken from a national. That’s life in Central Asia right there. Crowded busses that smell something awful, with drivers who can’t drive, and full trusting your life and many others that this will not be your last bus ride ever, ahha!

-I’ve always kind of liked coffee, at least when my mom would make it for me, but I’ll tell ya what! Central Asia, specifically this year, turned to me to a tea connoisseur! I love the stuff! Iced, hot, with or without sugar, fruity, sweet, ANYTHING! I love it!

-I took Spanish in high school, three years of it actually. But I’ll tell you what I’ve never loved learning a new language until I went to Central Asia. The language is just so fun, and exciting! To top it off I pick it up pretty easily.

-You know that moment when you see an old woman squat it out right in the middle of a park and go to the bathroom without a toilet there… oh you don’t. Wow you need to go to Central Asia, it’s quite a sight!

-Speaking of bathrooms… One of the best parts of being a woman in Central Asia is the fact that we have to pay to pee… No joke, we have to pay for the toilet paper we use. It’s roughly 20 cents for a little bit, but man it’s great! Really makes me appreciate that moment of solitude… Please not the sarcasm in my voice.

-Music is a thing for me, and the music over there is interesting to say the least. Lots of electronic dance music, and underground house bands. But the funniest thing is the fact that one second they’ll have classic 80’s music playing, then the next it’s some techno version of Airplanes, it’s hilarious!

Well that’s it friends. Check out the blog tomorrow to read about how yours truly is a bartering queen!! Great finds for great prices is how I live! But first I’ll leave you with an incredible Iphone photo of this beautiful place! You can’t tell me that doesn’t take your breath away.IMG_4665


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