Tuesday Confessions: I’m a Bartering Queen!

IMG_8436Tuesday Confessions is back!! It’s been a few weeks but no worries it’s back and I’ve been dreaming of writing todays post for months now. Seriously! I remember standing in my kitchen in Central Asia taking pictures of my super successful purchases and just ooing and awing over the day I’d get to post them! Well friends, today is the day! With it being Central Asia week on the blog I figured what better time to show you! Before I show you my super awesome purchases, I need to tell you of how I have become this self proclaimed “Barter Queen.”

I’ve been to my fair share of markets, bazars, and “world markets” if you will. And from them I’ve learned that I know how to talk the talk and get what I want for a decent price. I have been to these types of markets in two very competitive and intense areas. I’ve literally had people grab my hands and pull me into their shops begging me to buy something. Believe me, it’s crazy! But outside of that I’m also able to spot a deal when I see one. I love taking my friends to these types of places and helping them to get what they want. Funny story, I was in a bazar in Central Asia, and three of the guys on my team really wanted a toaster and what do ya know, this savvy girl found one! And I was even able to get it down in price by about $10. However there was a tad bit of an issue so we had to return the toaster and then we literally went next door and got the exact same toaster for $10 cheaper than what we actually paid. It was awesome, weird, and super hilarious! So yes, I’ve bought things such as toasters, jewelry, scarves, dresses, tapestries, and even pipes! I love bartering.

The key to a successful barter is the poker face. You have to make the person who you’re buying from believe that it’s better for them to give you whatever item it is you’re trying to get them to sell you at the price you’re asking for. If they wont do it then you literally just have to say no and walk away. They then realize that any amount of money is better than nothing. Usually they will stop you, ask you to come back and from there they’ll usually go for half of what you’re asking for and you can negotiate from there. For me, I let them give me a price, and I just cut that in half and go from there. It’s definitely served me well. Any purchase I’ve ever made through bartering has always been a good one and I hope you agree.

Now it’s time to check out my favorite pieces that I’ve bartered for! They’re all so wonderful and I’m so sentimental with things so jsut thinking about ever losing or damaging one of these pieces make me wanna throw up. So it’s safe to say I don’t let many people touch these pieces or mess with them, because of my deep love for them. So I hope you enjoy them! Check in tomorrow to read a super personal letter that I’ve needed to share for a while!IMG_8449IMG_8452I wish i could say all those piallahs were mine! And check out those earrings! I got them for my grandma, and she loves them. i struggled to give them to her because though pink is no my color, I loved them so much.IMG_8456 IMG_8446This next shot, though it’s not of people is definitely one of my money shots this year! The exposure, the DOF, and everything was just right. So thankful for this crazy spot in my flat that elt in the perfect amount of light for these pictures!IMG_8445 IMG_8444That jar above has been a huge hit all around! Definitely one of my favorite purchases. Now my best gift I bought it this pipe! I got it for my sweet bestfriend! Her birthday was jsut a few days after I got back from Central Asia, and man did she love this thing. I’m so glad I know her well enough to know that she would’ve rather had a pipe than a scarf or anything really! Haha!IMG_8434 IMG_8429Matrushka dolls hold a special place in my heart, man! Come back tomorrow to find out why!
IMG_8442So yea, I’m a little crazy about my things, but boy, do I love them!


Tuesday Confessions: I Suffer From Wanderlust

tumblr_m9qnsiVCvO1r6bsw8o1_500I must be honest right now friends there are few things that I will never not know where they are. Let’s be honest, there’s like three things, maybe. But one of those things is indefinitely my passport. Ever since I got that thing in January of 2013 I make it a point to know where it is at all times. If I don’t know where it is I freak out and will look for it and put it in a safe place immediately. That thing allows me to travel this world with reckless abandon, and that my friends is a ridiculous passion I have.IMG_2437

I’ve seen a ton of different definitions for this word, but the one that hits me where it hurts has to be the one I posted above, “An IRRESISTIBLE DESIRE to travel to understand one’s very existence!” That is what I love about travel is getting lost in the world I find myself. I have stepped on the ground of different countries and every time I have found a new and exciting piece of myself that I never knew before. though some people may disagree with this statement I know it’s abundantly true, I’m a simple person. I love not having a plan and just rolling with life’s punches. It’s freeing and redeeming and so so sooooo beautiful. Being somewhere new in the world, not knowing the language, or even what lies around the corner makes me thrive. It brings me joy unspeakable!

Since coming back from Central Asia this year my wanderlust has been on a rampage because right now I have no idea when the next time I’ll travel the world will be. It’s crazy to think that this year alone I have stepped on the soil of six different countries and been changed by each and every one of them, no matter how long I was in them. I have tasted and seen the goodness of life and I attribute a great deal of that to the beauty of being a world traveler. I am so thankful that I’ve been so blessed in my life to be able to do this and I am eternally grateful for that. Since reading the book, “Just Do Something” by Kevin DeYoung it has also given me the beautiful assurance that I have the freedom to go anywhere in the world and do what needs to be done. It’s a beautiful truth that I must share until my dying day across every step of this beautiful Earth.IMG_4990

Now with wanderlust comes great side effects if not properly nurtured. Recently these side effects have been kicking my butt. So for that I’ve been trying to nurture this “disease” properly and I’ve come up with a few solutions. So if you suffer from this crazy disease as I do please try out some of the following:

-Feel free to allow yourself to look at pictures and reminisce. I have found that it does the soul well to look back on things like that and remember that what you experienced was so real! That’s one of the big issues with recovering from traveling or any major life experiences, we must remember that it happened and that it did impact us in one way or another. Another great way to handle this is to journal. WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING! If you think of it write it down, and believe me you’ll be so happy that you did later. For people who may have never traveled before and just have a deep desire to do so, do these same steps. Google search where you want to go, and journal about your desires!IMG_3274 IMG_4758 IMG_9290

-Give yourself the freedom to get excited about the things you’ve done. There may need to be some restraints in this if you get a little over zealous, so do it healthily! Don’t brag about where you’ve been, but rather share about the blessing that it was to go there. People will be more inclined to listen and enjoy it at the same time, as well as rejoice with you when you walk into sharing with a humble heart.IMG_9619 IMG_9568 IMG_8270

-Within the realm of journaling and sharing stories create “Headlines”. These headlines give you a storyline and that helps friends and listeners to be truly compelled to listen and enjoy what they’re hearing. I once had a director who told me about these things and man, was he right! He encouraged all of us to create a one-minute headline, five-minute headline, and for the adventurous a 15-minute headline. This allows you to gage what people want to hear and how much they want to hear. For example, people are going to want to hear about how you were changed and impacted on your travels. Where as they might not be so inclined to hear about the ridiculous things your team did that is made up predominately of inside jokes that no one else understands but you and your teammates. So some of my headlines have included, “The Final Push” which is a 15 minute long story about how I got the final push I needed to make the decision to apply to intern overseas, where I also have my 5 minute headline that I call, “Beautifully Broken Women” which is where I share about the women that I went to Central Asia with. Now, I don’t share the titles with people usually but when people say tell me about your team I think of the headlines I’ve created on my own and I think to myself, “Which one should I use?” These headlines are more of a self help thing.IMG_8130 IMG_8186

-Go to Barnes & Noble, or any bookstore, and just rifle through the maps and travel books. It does the soul good to see that even publishing companies care about the places that compel you to travel.

-If you know someone else is going to be traveling go ahead and ask them to bring you back any old thing from wherever they’re going. I’m currently wearing a scarf from the Dominican Republic that my sweet friend Krysta got me. I’ve never been there, nor do I have some deep desire to go there but just wearing it, knowing that it’s from a land that I’ve never been to relieves a little bit of my travel needs.

-Do things that you did wherever you’ve traveled. One thing that has helped a lot recently has been for me to brew a cup of my favorite Central Asian tea and sit on my porch and drink it with a good book and music that I listened to over there. It helps me to vividly picture the streets and the people that would walk by as I sat at the bus stop waiting for bus 29! Just like playing with kids and babysitting reminds me of the freedom I felt playing with the kids in Botswana! IMG_8689 IMG_2393

-Speaking of music, make a playlist of songs from the place you want to go to/have been to or even just songs that you listened to over there.

These are just a few of the things I’ve found helpful and healing in my intense pains of wanderlust. It’s beautiful and so relieving to remember my travels fondly. So go ahead, sip your tea, tell your friends what you’ve done, and most importantly REMEMBER THAT THE EXPERIENCE YOU HAD WAS REAL, AND IT IMPACTED YOU IN THE BEST WAY POSSIBLE!IMG_9621

Happy travels my wonderful wanderlusters!World

Tuesday Confessions: Cooking Overseas

Happy Tuesday happy followers! This is just a whole week of new here on the blog and today is another new installment that’s coming to the blog! Tuesday confessions is my chance to let you in on some crazy things that I experience in my life. I’ll also be letting you in on a huge hobby of mine and a huge passion of mine and those include being overseas, and cooking! So, let’s get after it!

Being overseas is something I really, really love! Getting to live in and experience new things spurs me on and seriously energizes me like nothing else. Before May 2013 I had never left the country and since then I have now been to seven countries. Each one holds a special place in my heart and the cultures in each of these countries have really captured me. Now in going to all of these places I’ve also had to adopt in a lot of ways, one being in how I cook. That brings us to our confession for today.


This year going back to Central Asia I knew the food was something that I loved because it challenged me as someone who loves cooking. In this part of the world, to make something spicy simply means to add more “pepper”. It’s quite comical actually. My first summer in Central Asia I survived on eating out, but when I would cook for myself I would just make green beans and chicken “breast” but hey, I would doctor that chicken and those beans with any “spice” I could find and that stuff tasted like heaven! Now don’t get me wrong, I love the food in Central Asia. Seriously, so much of it is so good. There’s definitely some pickings that are not so tasty, but all in all I’ve definitely found some great picks over there. But, heading back for my second year I vowed that I would cook and that I would get adventurous with my cooking.

This year in Central Asia I had a roommate who had a few food restrictions and she’s become accustom to working with food and really doctoring things, and working her way through. So one night when two of our teammates were coming over for dinner we decided to spiff it up and make STIR FRY! So so so thankful that I had a roommate like her to help to make a delicious meal and serve our friends! So now, onto the confessions!

IMG_7803So naturally we start with all the ingredients, and let me tell you something there was no such thing as a peeler where I lived. So I probably walked out of this meal with 7 or 8 cuts. It was quite an adventure.

IMG_7812 IMG_7813 IMG_7814 IMG_7819IMG_7824 IMG_7822 IMG_7830We had ONE LARGE SKILLET to make everything in so once again the adventure goes on! But it was an incredible adventure!IMG_7826

IMG_8813None of this would’ve been possible without my incredible roommate, Soumya! She’s quick on her feet and when we didn’t have an ingredient or something else we quickly worked it out and found a new replacement! This meal was wonderful and I think our incredible team would agree!

IMG_7847Cooking overseas was definitely awesome and I loved it, and I’m hoping that my time of cooking overseas doesn’t end here. I hope it is something I’ll have to do for the rest of my life. So who knows five years down the road I’ll be writing a post like this but it will contain a story of me cooking crickets and frog legs!


IMG_8738Oh hey ‘Merica!!!! I’m backkkkkkk! Gosh, my heart is full right now. I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop on campus, with my current favorite song blasting in my head phones, just basking in the beauty of my life right now! I am so excited to catch y’all up on all I’ve been doing the past two months, and letting you in on some updates that will be coming to the blog! It’s gonna be so awesome so let’s just dive right into it.

Well I just got back from my most favorite place in the entire world, Central Asia! That land has my heart like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and just knowing that I’ve gotten to go there and teach English and share about my life to the students there overwhelms my heart in the greatest ways possible. I’ll go into greater detail about that later this week, but know that I am forever changed because of that incredible place and it’s even lead to a few enhancements that will be coming to the blog!

Gosh, have I ever mentioned that I reallllyyyy love blogging? Well even though I often times forget to do so for long gaps of time I really do love it. So to avoid the long gaps of no blogging I’m going to get some accountability up in here for y’all! So for that I’ve come up with some new titles, if you will, that make it so I literally HAVE to blog!! YEAAAAA, I’m so excited about this, so here we go!

Every Monday there will be a new “My Life Monday” post. These post will basically be a recap of the previous week that will go through, my general life including photography, my travels, and so much more. I’ve just come to realize that y’all do enjoy hearing about my crazy life and all that comes with it, and I’ve finally come to a place where I think it’s totally cool to share about it! Now here’s my favorite thing I’m doing, I got the idea for this while I was in Central Asia, and it’s literally the bomb.com, do people still say that? TUESDAY CONFESSIONS!! This will be a new segment on the blog and I’m oozing with excitement for this. These confessions will be different every week, it could be Confessions of a World Traveler, Confessions of  Thrifting Addict, and so much more. It’s gonna be great so stay tuned. Wednesdays will be reserved for blogging about any shoots I do (Golden Hour, Chasing the Light), so these won’t necessarily happen every week but they will be used for something. Thursday Thoughts will also be a new segment. This will be a super simple post just sharing about things I love and what my thoughts are on them. One thing I love to do is talk and share my thoughts with others and also hear theres. So this segment will be about that.

So all of these post will begin next week and be forever in effect. I’m so excited to share my life with y’all and let you into the crazy whirlwind of it all! You guys are the best, and I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me through my crazy times of forgetting to blog, and just being lazy. But seriously y’all are the best and I’m excited to share this with y’all. How many times can I use the words “excited” and “y’all” in a single post?

Well before I leave you today I’ll leave you with some awesome photos from my time in Central Asia. Be looking for some post about that this week. It’ll definitely be more than one so get ready 🙂

IMG_4484 IMG_4491 IMG_4779 IMG_4865 IMG_4866 IMG_4987 IMG_4954

Faces of Hope

IMG_2057To have hope is to place every ounce of trust you have into something. We each have that one thing that we’re banking it all on whether it’s a goal, person, faith, or maybe even a tomorrow. Regardless we all have hope in something. Hope is something that last through the hard times, and preservers through any trial. It will be a guarding foundation when one feels that they be on the verge of crumbling. It’s hope that is the friend that walks in when the rest of the world chooses to walk out.

For me, hope was hard to find or come by for a great amount of time recently. Since losing my mom back in October I felt as if everything I knew was wrong and that there was no way I could ever feel happiness again. Since that day in October a lot has happened to me that I never thought would happen. I have seen suffering first hand and I have walked through the fire time and time again, and one thing I’ve realized is that every flame that I had to walk through was not necessarily meant to teach me a lesson. Those flames were not necessarily punishments for my wrong doings. Those flames were life, and they were simply stages that I walked through. Granted, at this present state I am far from done walking through them, if anything I’ve just began my journey into my next flame.

During my time in Africa however, I believe I began the process of exciting a flame I had been walking through for a few months now. I’m indefinitely still walking through but I definitely experienced a great deal of healing from the burn I had experienced. This flame involved someone who has been in my life for sometime now and through them I got to see grace in it’s fullest form. I have gone through the ringer with this person but I look at them now and I see sweet redemption. As I type this paragraph I feel myself welling up and my eyes feeling heavy because of the redemption that I feel in all of this. I see where I was at the darkest parts of this whole process, and how it has lead me to where I now stand, redeemed and free!

Now with Africa, like I said in my last post so much was revealed to me there. I saw that I was and am suffering. I am broken, and there’s no easy way to ever say that. But through the people and the conversations I had there I saw that the healing is possible, and that redemption is real. It is what I was made for, redemption. I was created to have hope through the hard times. The people there and the children I met there have this hope. They hope for more, and they believe it is possible. I now they believe in it. That was proven to me the second they came running after the van we were riding in. WE WERE THAT HOPE! We helped in bringing them life, and a hope worth trusting in. That in itself was healing to me in the greatest ways possible! So now of course I have to show you some more of these beautiful faces and allow you to squeal at their cuteness, and see the hope that lies within their beautiful eyes!

IMG_2409 IMG_2114 IMG_2403 IMG_2783 IMG_2981 IMG_2089 IMG_2425 IMG_2969IMG_3107 IMG_1980 IMG_1834IMG_3064 IMG_2801 IMG_2978 IMG_2092 IMG_1880IMG_2329 IMG_2815So forevermore I will hold on to this hope that I have deep in my soul, for I know it will not let me go. It will sustain me, and it will guide me through the flood, through the storm, and through the flame. That though I may be burned, I will not be destroyed!IMG_2274

Chasing the Light: Botswana, Africa

IMG_1660Nope, there’s no need to refresh your webpage the title of this post is absolutely correct. Some of you may be wondering why I’ve been gone for over a month. I’m so sorry for that, but here’s a nice large update on my life over the last month. Yes, as you can tell from the title I ventured to Gaborone, Botswana Africa with some amazing teammates all to change that nation as a whole. My team and I got the chance to see our Father work wonders in us and through us like never before. We saw people choose to join our team, and continue in fighting for others to join our team to change the world for all eternity. We got to venture onto two college campuses and talk to students and hear their thoughts on life, and really give them their chance to be heard. We got to go into an impoverished neighborhood and play with children and simply love them, with a love that they don’t often experience. All in all we saw and caused change. It was an amazingly healing, and freeing experience.

I was approached about this trip back in December when my friend Adam told me that he had been asked to lead a team to Botswana. As a girl who loves the world I knew I needed to begin talking to my father about going to this nation and help in it’s restoration. I knew without a doubt that I was being called to this place. I felt the longing in my heart for something more, something deeper. I knew it was time for me to head overseas again, and I wasn’t going to fight my Father on His callings!

So I began the process of sending out support letters and working with my team to begin our process of heading over to this nation that was made for us. The team quickly came together and we began meeting together and preparing the trip. Everything really just fell into place and it was begin made more and more clear that we were destined for this place. So on a cold Friday morning we boarded our plane, and come late Saturday night after three long and interesting flights, and being completely exhausted we landed in Gaborone, Botswana. The American interns that are currently in the country greeted us with open hearts and took us to our lodge where we’d be staying. They were so gracious and loving towards us, and it was so refreshing to see a friendly and loving face after all that traveling. The next morning we headed to a meeting where we were once again welcomed in my many nationals. They served us and showed us a beautiful side to this nation. After that the American interns took us out to lunch a Sanita’s Tea Garden. It was the most beautiful little place I had ever seen. With a shop and great food.

IMG_1762 IMG_1747 IMG_1741 IMG_1744 IMG_1749This place was so colorful and fun, definitely a highlight of the trip. So naturally we decided to act like moneys and tried climbing on tress!IMG_1788 IMG_1794 IMG_1798 IMG_1803Getting to relax as a team, and connect with old friends was definitely a highlight. This is Joy and Rachel. Joy mentored Rachel while she was in college. Rachel is currently an international intern in Botswana with our company.IMG_1775

Aren’t they just so stinking cute. Needless to say we as a team thoroughly enjoyed this amazing restaurant and it was a great way to begin our time in Botswana!

IMG_1784 IMG_1748 IMG_1760Another place that we got to go that totally hit all of us in different and exciting ways was the neighborhood known as Ol’ Naladie. This place was near one of the Universities that we worked at during the week. It was a pretty simple but hectic time all at the same time. It was a time that we got to love others but at the same time feel a sense of love and appreciation like never before! Seriously take a look at the pictures below and I guarantee you, you’ll feel what we felt, and see how it is exactly the same love that our Father has for us!IMG_1820 IMG_1822

These beautiful babies came running after our car the second we pulls into the neighborhood, it was so exhilarating!IMG_1830 IMG_1835 IMG_1840 IMG_1882 IMG_1875 IMG_1870 IMG_1845 IMG_1901IMG_1949IMG_1959IMG_1916IMG_1978IMG_1943IMG_2035IMG_2022IMG_1987IMG_2120IMG_2056IMG_2047IMG_2103This girl right here was a kid after my own heart. Seriously, the second we pulled up she just attached herself to my leg, and I loved it. I’m a total mom so getting to look after her just about the whole time we were there was incredible. The thing that was really refreshing throughout the whole thing was that she didn’t need to be thrown in the air or tossed around, rather, she just wanted me to hold her. It was a beautiful picture of our Father’s love for us, and how simple and freeing it is!IMG_2197 IMG_2191 IMG_2175 IMG_2240 IMG_2183IMG_2238 IMG_2246 IMG_2253 IMG_2239 IMG_2322 IMG_2333 IMG_2373The next little boy that came into the playground will be a child I never forget. This child was brought in by a young girl and he immediately went to one of the interns. Eventually my friend Joy got ahold of him and there was no letting this beautiful child out of our sight at this point. I had to capture this moment, and the fact that we didn’t bring this child back to America with us is such a shocker.IMG_2316 IMG_2310 IMG_2269 IMG_2261When we had to give this cutie back it was our first major heartbreak. Not for the pure fact that we had to give him back but rather, because of the fact that there was no one to give him to. The little girl who brought him in was no longer there. We literally had to give this baby who was no more than a few month old to another child to make sure he got home. It was a true picture of the need in this nation. Just getting to hold him and be there for him was incredible.IMG_2433 IMG_2420 IMG_2394

As we left Ol’ Naladie that day each of us was changed in a different way. We all saw the true gift of lives that we’d received, even if that simple gift was the fact that we knew our Father. We had no idea where these kids came from, or where they were going. This is a nation plagued by AIDs and HIV, and there is a strong likelihood that the children we played with have been effected or that their parents have been effected by these awful infections. It was a halting realization, but it led us just to love these children even more.IMG_2445 IMG_2448 IMG_2453 IMG_2478One thing I mentioned earlier was that a part of our time in Botswana was spent on two university campuses within the city of Gaborone. It is said that these two universities will contribute to the complete development of Africa asa whole. In our times on campus we got to hear from students about their lives and personal beliefs. One thing I noticed in my time there is that the culture in Botswana does not like to offend or go against the thoughts of others or speak up if they are in opposition to anyone else. It was beyond heartbreaking to me, because I saw every agreement they gave take a little piece of who they are away from them. I saw their identities being ripped right from their grips and that they were sold this new identity that was no identity at all because it wasn’t them. It was this false perception that the world had sold them in exchange for their hearts, fears, dreams, and aspirations. Our goal as a team was to assist in their restoration, but also to help them to see the true and real them. From these conversations we saw more than 10 people choose to join our team in our times of sharing on campus. It was unreal!

The next few pictures are of our second time going back to Ol’ Naladie. IMG_2612 IMG_2622 IMG_2687 IMG_2751IMG_2813IMG_2874

This little gem above is my friend Brandon. I had to take the time to share this story because it’s kind of been the staple of our trip to Botswana. On the second day of us being at the playground this beautiful little girl wandered up to Brandon, and all she wanted was for him to hold her. Most of the other kids wanted be tossed around in the air, and played with, but literally all this girl wanted was for Brandon to hold her. To be in the embrace of someone who she didn’t know was the most comforting thing she cold have at that moment. Brandon held onto this little beauty the entire 2 and a half hours that we were there that day and he never let her go. As Brandon put her down to leave I saw the love that only our Father could give in Brandon’s heart. He finally got it! He saw our purpose in coming to Africa was not just for the experience, or the sight seeing, but rather it was for changing lives, and laying down our own so that our Father would be glorified! It was probably one of the most beautiful stories that we have from our entire time in Africa!

IMG_2965 IMG_2882 IMG_3078 IMG_3043

Our last day in country was absolutely jam packed! First of all WE GOT TO GO ON SAFARI, WHAT!? Yep we rode around and saw some pretty cool animals. Then we hiked Kahle Hill, which is seriously one of the most intense hikes I’ve ever had, but it’s literally a hill… with about a 75 degree incline! Ha! IMG_3121 IMG_3135 IMG_3137 IMG_3150 IMG_3159 IMG_3162 IMG_3170 IMG_3187 IMG_3197 IMG_3198 IMG_3203 IMG_3205 IMG_3224 IMG_3251IMG_3273 IMG_3258 IMG_3260 IMG_3255The next four pictures are of the amazing interns that lead us around all week. I honestly don’t think our week would’ve been as awesome had we not had these amazing folks! D2, Rachel, Melissa, and Brandt, seriously thank you so much for all you this week in helping us to love Botswana so well!IMG_2756 IMG_2803 IMG_2805 IMG_2808This week seriously changed me and my heart was broken to see my brokenness and my suffering. I saw where my Father absolutely pointed out that I am in need of healing, and how He is the only one that can supply it. I am thankful for His provincial love, and how it just radiates through my life. Being in Botswana left me in awe of His glory and how He longs to have me be like some of the children I got to see here in Botswana. We must gracefully fall at His feet in adoration, humility, and most of all love. For He is where love comes from, and I am proud to say that all my fountains are in him!

Thank you for reading this extra long blog post and basking in the glory of Botswana!


No Place I’d Rather Be…


Before anyone says anything, yes I have been blogging a ton after not blogging at all. It’s crazy but seriously what I’ll be sharing today is about Central Asia, and I have mixed feelings about what I’ll be sharing so please stay with me.

So my beautiful city has been on my mind heavily the last few days. It’s been brought up by others so I feel better about talking so much, haha! But seriously my residents will come in my room and see my paintings and knick knacks from there and they ask, so it gives me an open door to talk about the awesomeness that I experienced there. Other times people have seen the stickers on my water bottle and they ask, once again it’s a chance for me to tell them about the place that has captured my heart. All these interactions are giving me a chance to share with others about not only that amazing place but also what my Heavenly Father did in me through the country, the people, and the experiences I had there.

IMG_4343 IMG_3901 IMG_4069

So that brings me to what happened in the last few hours. I HAD A DREAM I WAS BACK IN CENTRAL ASIA!! I was overjoyed when I woke up, seriously my heart and soul are more then satisfied. I saw the statues, and the people I love, and I ate the chocolate that makes Hershey’s taste like dirt from under your dad’s work boot, seriously it’s that good! All that to say I was there, in my dream of course, but nonetheless I was there! I woke up this morning with tears of joy, because I truly feel that that was my assurance that one day I will go back there. I always believed I would, but I’ve been waiting on a sign from the higher ups, and I really believe that this was it!

IMG_2370 IMG_2727 IMG_4193

My heart for this beautiful nation is so big, and I can’t contain the excitement I get when I get to talk about it and share how I was changed and was used to change the hearts of others while I was there. Once again I’m going to brag about my awesome residents! They ask me so many questions… IT’S AWESOME!!!! Every time one of them comes in my room they ask about all my stuff, and they see my face light up and they hear me share and in the end each and every one of them tells me that they can’t wait to hear more stories! It warms my heart to know others don’t think I’m annoying, but instead they find the stories interesting.

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These stories are forever apart of my life, and theres nothing anyone could ever do to make me feel differently about them. My hope is that I am called back to Central Asia, and that I do get to continue to bring the good news there. My heart is filled with joy from the beauty that I saw in my dream last night, and I can only hope it’s a telling sign.

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