Senior Portraits: Maddie

IMG_4046IMG_4320IMG_4215Wow, it is that time of year again, SCHOOL IS ALMOST OUT! To say I am excited for this to come is an understatement. This semester has been super difficult, and I’m just exhausted. I’ve written more papers in this semester than I think I have in my entire educational career! What is my life? But through all the hustle and the bustle I have found time to do five senior sessions recently, and I still have more lined up! I feel like I’m actually considering turning this whole thing into something more! Ahh this is cray but I’ve been seeking out guidance on my photography and every time I get to share my images it has just brought more and joy to my life. Seriously, I love being behind my Canon and just firing away to show the beauty of the souls of my clients. It brings me so much life!

Now this beauty that I’m showing you today is my beautiful original model, Maddie. This girl is amazing, ahh she’s one of my best friends, and to be apart of her life the last two years has been incredible. I’m happy for her as she’s getting ready to step into her new stage of life, i’m absolutely going to miss her, but I know I’ll never loose this girl. She’s so beautiful and she’s just a wonderful addition to my life, and I love her!

So please enjoy her beautiful images, please lift up some good thoughts for her as she goes on to get her Doctoral Degree in Naturopathic Medicine in Arizona!

IMG_4184 IMG_4450 IMG_4417 IMG_4286Maddie is a Chemistry and Biology Major here at Radford (why am i friends with such genius’?) so naturally we had to go to the lab!

IMG_4424 IMG_4510 IMG_4495Then we headed back to the building that she and I work in to catch some sweet images right as the sun was setting. The lighting was beyond beautiful and it only made Maddie radiate even more than she already does! Seriously this girl is beyond beautiful. I could never express how much I truly love her 🙂IMG_4515 IMG_4538 IMG_4521 IMG_4552 IMG_4564 IMG_4584 IMG_4597IMG_4606IMG_4632IMG_4680IMG_4695IMG_4618Maddie I love you more than words and I will be a mess when you leave but love breaks all barriers and any distance. I know that you’ll forever be apart of my life. You’re amazing and I wish you the best in Arizona!


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